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Faces of people with Unwanted Doyles.
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Bobby's Trace Histories: Frustration Doyles from LSU Football Losses, Stinging Pain, etc.


Using a simple memory tracing technique suggested by the nascent science of Doyletics, Bobby (his real name) was able to remove doyles that created doyles of severe frustration, namely, tight forehead and stomach muscles, that resulted in his feeling bad and yet continuing the activity that led to his feeling bad. This is a very short trace history, and it shows the exuberant delight that comes when one traces and erases a persistent doyle. As I write this introduction to the trace history almost four years after the trace described in this story, I cannot remember experienceing that same painful frustration since the trace. Note that I did not remove frustration, but rather some particularly onerous doyles associated with frustration. Doyles are the components of such complex nominalizations such as sadness, grief, frustration, etc. We remove some of the component doyles, not the emotional complex itself. Once the salient doyles are removed, the complex is easier to deal with from then on. I have been frustrated since, but have enjoyed the frustration more. For Long-Suffering LSU, Tulane, Saints, and other Sports Fans the World Over, I heartily recommend a Speed Trace to Remove Frustration after the Next Loss of your Favorite Team. To Keep Up-to-date on Latest Changes to this Website, Subscribe to our Monthly Digest now. Have questions about the Digest and would like to read it first? No problem -- we've accommodated you by placing a recent Digest on-line. Click Here.

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November 4, 1996 Notes to Journal:

Let me start here while the memory is fresh in my mind and the doyles are freshly gone from my body. I asked Del last night to pick a FreeCell game from the Hard List for me and she chose 7107. I gave up on it last night. Went to bed about 8 pm, tired from all the dancing, eating, and good company. Got up about 5 hours later, wide awake, and played 7107. No luck at all. Total time from two sessions when I quit it: about 4 hours. I checked my E-mail and responded to a couple of folks, then went back to bed.

After Del left at 7 am, I played it again till about 11 o'clock. Very frustrated and upset, I traced down the doyle that kept coming up that made me keep trying and feeling bad while I tried. It was tight forehead and tight stomach frustrating feeling. I traced it back to 6 months before birth and it blissfully disappeared. To test it, I went back to playing FreeCell and it never came back. For a full test I played for about an hour and never solved the puzzle, but I began to enjoy just getting close, a feeling I could never have enjoyed before when things weren't going right.

Oh, what a relief it is to be able to play and enjoy the game no matter who's winning!

Thank you, Doyle Henderson.


Using a simple memory tracing technique suggested by the nascent science of Doyletics, Bobby (his real name) was able to remove doyles that created a stinging sensation in his private parts due to the presence of soap. In this short excerpt from his journal he details the course of the trace and its results. Bobby's motto is WHEN IN DOUBT, TRACE IT OUT! That is, he knows now that it is simpler to do a trace rather than to figure out if the problem in question is traceable or not! He has users of PC's ask him all the time, "What happens if I press this button?" and his answer is usually "Ask the PC -- it will tell you the answer to your question." Applying that to himself in the matter of doyle-tracing, his answer to the question, "Is this problem due to a doyle?" would be, "Do a trace and find out." He doesn't recommend doing a trace on something questionable for one's first trace, but for someone who's done at least one confirmed successful trace, such as a food dislike trace, the answer would be, WHEN IN DOUBT, TRACE IT OUT!
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September 15, 1999 -- Notes to Journal:

In the shower this morning I felt some stinging from the soap on the end of my penis and washed it off immediately, but the stinging continued. As I reviewed my memory of when it's happened in the past, it occurred to me that the stinging seems to last much longer than one would expect for just some soap. What if the minor stinging from the soap triggers the doyles connected with my circumcision? That would cause my pain to continue for a lot longer time than necessary. So I traced the doyle and it went away from 1 week after birth to -1 Day (before birth). This is amazing.

Also the thought occurred to me: what if my asking what a plausible explanation for the doyle is before I begin tracing acts to retrieve the original event? That would explain a lot of the mysteries of the various psychotherapy techniques that root around in the past with occasional success.

A doyle is stored at age.oe (original event age), so the coordinates of that storage event is (doyle, age.oe). Each time thereafter the doyle is triggered, a memory is created of (doyle, age.e) where e represents the event. When we do a speed trace, we begin with the current event (doyle, age.ce) and go back to an age before original event or < age.oe at which time a conceptual memory is created of the original event and the doyle stored at (doyle, age.oe) is bypassed and the conceptual memory instead of the doyle is fed to the brain the next time the trigger occurs.

So the speed trace can be summarized as follows in shorthand notation: [NOTE: Simply saying "I'm X" is enough information for your brain to access the age of the event when you were X years old. Before you go down below 5, you say, "I'm X and I'm experiencing this doyle." Below time mark = 5, you say, "I'm X, am I experiencing this doyle?" If you are no longer experiencing the doyle, your tracing is done.]

(doyle, age.ce)
(doyle, age-10.e) [if under 40, go by 5 year decrements] ...
(doyle, age.5.e) [if decrement goes below 5 go to 5, then decrement by 1.]
(doyle, age.1.e) [decrement by 3 months]
(doyle, age.9m.e)
(doyle, age.6m.e) (doyle, age.3m.e)
(doyle, age.1d.e) [go to 1 Day after birth – avoid actual day of birth]
(doyle, age.-1d.e) [go to 1 Day before birth ]
(doyle, age.-1m.e) [go to 1 Month before birth]
(doyle, age.-7m.e) [if necessary go all the way to 7 months before birth]

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Faces of People who have Traced Away Unwanted Doyles!
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