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Good Mountain Press Monthly Digest #079
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~~~~~~~~ In Memoriam: Don Ho (1930 - 2007) ~~~~
~~~~~~~~ Hawaiian Singer "Tiny Bubbles" ~~~~~

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~~~ GOOD MOUNTAIN PRESS DIGEST #079 Published September 1, 2007 ~~~
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Quote for the Falling into Fall Month of September:

It appears we have appointed our worst generals to command forces, and our most gifted and brilliant to edit newspapers! In fact, I discovered by reading newspapers that these editor-geniuses plainly saw all my strategic defects from the start, yet failed to inform me until it was too late. Accordingly, I'm readily willing to yield my command to these obviously superior intellects, and I'll, in turn, do my best for the Cause by writing editorials — after the fact.
Robert E. Lee, Commandant West Point and General CSA

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Archived Digests
Table of Contents

1. September's Violet-n-Joey Cartoon
2. Honored Readers for September
3. On a Personal Note
4. Cajun Story
5. Recipe of the Month from Bobby Jeaux’s Kitchen: Strawberries Romanov
6. Poem from Rainbows & Shadows:"Mind's Fruit"
7. Reviews and Articles Added for September:

8. Commentary on the World
9. Closing Notes - our mailing list, locating books, unsubscribing to Digest
10. Gratitude

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1. September Violet-n-Joey CARTOON:
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For newcomers to the Digest, we have created a webpage of all the Violet-n-Joey cartoons! Check it out at: Also note the rotating calendar and clock that follows just to the right of your mouse pointer as you scroll down the page. You'll also see the clock on the 404 Error page if you make a mistake typing a URL while on the website.

The Violet-n-Joey Cartoon page is been divided into two pages: one low-speed and one high-speed access. If you have Do NOT Have High-Speed Access, you may try this Link which will load much faster and will allow you to load one cartoon at a time. Use this one for High-Speed Access.

This month Violet and Joey learn about the reason the mediaeval writer Petrarch gave for dropping out of Law School in Bologna.

#1 "A Classical Excuse" at

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Each month we take time to thank two of our good readers of Good Mountain Press Digest, books and reviews. Here's our two worthy Honored Readers for this month. One of their names will be in the TO: address line of your email Digest notification. Our Honored Readers for September are:

Kiki Butgereit in Georgia

Patrick Clark in Houston, Texas

Congratulations, Kiki and Pat !

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Out Our Way:

This month started with my locating a new barber and a new masseuse on this side of the river. I will no longer have to negotiate the bridge and Metairie traffic just to get a haircut or a massage. I lost my long-time masseuse Laura Sampson to Katrina. She and her husband lost their home in Lakeview to 10 feet of water after they had just remodeled it. They moved to Georgia after the storm. And my barber and friend of 30 years, Mike Nuccio, died about a year after Katrina. I would often schedule the haircut and massage on the same day to minimize the trips to Metairie. Now I'm only minutes away from my new service providers and like that a lot.

August was a quiet month for us. No vacation trips planned. The calm before the storm of football season which is quickly upon us now. Del and I went to the preseason game between the Saints and the Bills, and will be staying home this week to watch LSU open its season on Thursday night against Miss State at the same time that the Saints play the Dolphins in their last pre-season game in the Superdome. I'll be watching both games on big screens in High-Definition thanks to the additions to the Screening Room since last season and upgrades to local broadcast and cable networks. Neither the Tigers nor the Saints have ever played a game on Thursday night before and here they are on TV at the same time. I hope this is a one-time trick. In fact, the Saints have three games in a row on Thursday night. The opening game will be against the Colt in Indianapolis on a Thursday.

Speaking of Thursday night football games and the scheduling problems they cause, this coming Thursday, August 30th, we had planned to go to hear John Rankin perform at the Twilight Concert in City Park. It was just two years ago that we saw John just three days before Katrina hit. Last year, he was back in rare form telling us about his life since Katrina in words and music. Sorry we won't be there this Thursday, John. Blame it on the Football Gods. But we did make a point to make the last Thursday before the football games started and caught Paul Soniat and his band. Paul sang about how he's glad he was born in New Orleans. A long-time resident, Paul was born and still lives on Soniat Street. That night we were joined by Renee and Burt Lattimore and we enjoyed dinner together at the Bon Ton Restaurant afterwards. Renee took the banner photo of us that graces this Section.

The first Saturday was our CODOFIL breakfast at LeBlanc's Restaurant on Lafayette St. in Gretna, and sadly it will be our last at that venue, as Tommy LeBlanc is unable to continue the service due to his retirement because of problems with his legs. So long, Tommy! You made the best grits that any Cajun could ask for. No word on where the next breakfast will be held, but it will likely be in downtown Gretna again.

The next week we got a call from sister-in-law Joyce that she was with her daughter Monique and her two children at Buster's house in Mimosa Park. We drove over there for a visit and to see Monique new baby, her son, Brayden, who did a bit of braying at one point. Taylor is his older sister who played with Maman 'Nette's quilt blocks in the living room for a long time. Steve took us on a guided tour of his extensive home remodeling project which he has just completed after several years of hard work. The last part of the project is done — the kitchen is spacious and beautiful. Janice has been baby-sitting their grandkids, Abby and Ella, since Mark and Becky moved back to the Luling area, and I got to play with those two cute grand-nieces of mine and got a photo of them. Buster is doing well. One day we picked him and took him on a visit to Del's mom, Doris, at her Woldenberg Assisted-Living apartment, and he commented afterward that, "That was a sure a nice place to live." So far he hasn't needed full-time assisted living, thanks to his good health and the hard work and dedication of my sister Janet and brother Steve and his wife Janice who live nearby and look in him frequently and take him for medical care when he needs it. After that we took him to lunch at the Red Maple and then over to Timberlane where we played Pay Me! with him and our good friend Rosie Harris who came over.

Had two plumbing problems this month. I finally figured out how to remove a penny that was restricting the flow in my lavatory drain for some time. Removed the lever from the vertical down spout and the penny simply flushed away. I showed Del how easy it was to do in her lavatory and then her stopper no longer worked. Took a couple of digital photos of the Delta faucets and the part I needed and drove down to my favorite plumbing supply house. Came back with the replacement part and Del now has a new part in her drain closer. The part was so cheap the guy behind the counter turned my money away and said, "Come back when you need something."

No sooner was I finished fixing her lavatory when she called from the garage saying, "The refrigerator is leaking." I called Wayne our AAA Appliance Wizard and he came over that afternoon. The ice maker connection was leaking. The compression washer needed to be tightened a bit some twenty years after I installed it. That was our big drama of the month, Folks. Exciting stuff, huh?

My big project for this month was getting my Archived Digests upgraded to look to and operate like my latest Digests. Over 16 Digests this month were done, from digest 33 through digest 48. That leaves me about two years of Digests yet to convert, but the process has speeded up a bit as the newer Digest are more similar to the new template than the very earliest ones were and have more photos in them already. That means less detail work for me during the conversion. Take a short journey into the past 7 years of Digests and look at the new photos in the masthead, the monthly flower to the right of the Table of Content, and the monthly photo of me and Del in the Personal Notes Section. My next big project for the website is to upgrade my reviews to the new template. Big reason for this is to convert to using Include File technology so that I can change the headers and footers for all the reviews by simply changing one file for each. You may have noticed that the daily statistics and the Archived Digests are now live in every updated Digest, that is, changed every day. When the Reviews are upgraded, the daily statistics will likewise be at the bottom of every review. The big plus is the ability to modify the ads at the top and bottom of each Review on a global basis, quickly and easily. For you Readers, the big change will be readability. The upgraded Reviews have a frame structure which allows you to use Internet Explorer 7's Zoom function to make the text font larger and easier to read and keep the text from flowing out the edges of your reading screen. If you haven't used the Zoom function, look in the lower right hand corner of your Browser's screen for the magnifying glass and click on it. Or hold down your Ctrl Key and rotate your scroll button.

The big project for Timberlane itself is getting ready for Del's Garden Club meeting here in September. I used to tease Maureen, my daughter, that she only cleaned her house when her mom came to town from out-of-state. She'd spend an entire week cleaning it from top to bottom. Well, the Garden Club coming to visit has been like that here. She has completely redecorated the living room. Spend most of the month on the ground weeding, planting, and cleaning the gardens. Washing off the 1200 sq feet of outside porch area and even washing down the brick walls of Timberlane. "To get the dust off," she said when I asked her why she was doing that. I didn't get off lightly in this massive cleanup. My job has been to clean up, dust, and prune the hallway library. Those 3,000 volumes needed to be taken out one at a time, their spines wiped clean of dust, and re-shelved. My Fridays mornings have been devoted to working my way down the hallway, cleaning books, discarding books no one would want to read, boxing books to donate to my club's new library, re-shelving books for future reading. Along the way, I'm making about six inches of shelf space available for future books. It's been about twenty years since I've gone through each of my Unread books this way. Those are the books on the lower three rows of the Hallway Library.

There was one project which I assisted Del with: her Garden Club Yearbook. First I wrote a poem for the club's theme for the year. Then I helped her design a booklet form of the Yearbook so that we could print it out on our duplex printer. Then I took some photos of magnolia blooms for the front and back of the book. The color cover we had printed at Office Depot, and the inside of the three dozen booklets we printed and bound here at Good Mountain Press, using the facilities that we used to print and bind our early books of poetry and essays.

The theme for this coming year for Timberlane Garden Club will be: "Flowers, Ferns, Friends & Fun" and here's the poem I wrote to honor that theme:

      In delicate gardens and flower beds
      Carefully planned and placed in bright array
      With tongues of yellow, red, and green at play
      Lacey blooms and feath'ry ferns raise their heads.

      Where gard'ners know each flower, shrub and seed
      And share their knowledge with their ev'ry friend —
      Where cheerful meetings seem to never end —
      Until at last they kneel to pray  .  .  .   and weed.

We made one trip downtown for the first Saints' game. I wanted to view the B-25 Bomber on display at the Spanish Fountain. The festivities began there at 5pm and Saints Game was in the Superdome two hours later. Del wanted to shop at Saks in Canal Place, so she dropped me off, and I was able to take pictures of El Panchito, a B-25 of the type that went on Jimmy Doolittle's raid on Toyko, all restored. It was flown from Oshkosh, Wisconsin to the N.O. Lakefront Airport, barged to the riverfront, and lifted across to pads next to the Spanish Fountain with a large crane. It was all-sponsored by the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) organization who graciously allowed me to walk up close around the bomber and take photos. I heard from a school buddy, Bob Housden, that the B-25 El Panchito was not one of the bombers on Doolittle's Raid; all sixteen of those B-25B's were crash landed or bailed out of over China . . . except for one which landed in Russia and was confiscated. Pachito is a B-25J which was manufactured too late to see combat in WWII. Thanks, Bob.

Then I walked to Hilton Lobby and reviewed my photos until Del called. We drove over to our regular spot under the expressway, parked and got to the dome about 6. Was a great chance to watch the backup squad, especially Tyler Palko who seems to be a shoo-in as back-up quarterback. We lost to the Bills in a meaningless exhibition game, but if Palko hadn't thrown away a sure TD by an interception, we'd have won.

Dave Lyons, another friend who moved out of New Orleans after Katrina, sent me a heads up about a new series of books by a young lady in Russia named Ana-stasia, I put the hyphen in to help you pronounce her name correctly. It's not like the movie with Ingrid Bergmann, but rather like the two names, Anna and Stacey, combined. Her name is pronounced, Ana-sta-SEE-yah. You will be hearing more about her from other people, but here's your chance to get a head-start on the crowd. This book Anastasia had sold well over 10 million books in Russia before it was translated into English. It is easy to read, written by a Russian entrepreneur Vladimir Mégre who met Anastasia and walked into the middle of the tiaga (old growth forest of Siberia) with her. Spent three days with her which changed his life forever. He became a writer. Wrote his first book, self-published it, and stood in the cold on Moscow corners selling it one copy at a time.

After reading the material at the link that Dave sent me, I ordered the six books in the Ringing Cedars Series. I was busy completing last month's Digest when they arrived, so I asked Del if she'd like to read the first book. She is now reading Book 5. I have completed Books 1 and 2 and in the middle of Book 3. You can read my reviews of 1 & 2 in this Digest. After we finished reading Book 1, we decided to buy a dozen copies of the book for our eight children and close friends. This is my first trip into the Siberian wilderness in my imagination since I read Dr. Zhivago in 1958, and nothing in that tale prepared me for what I found in these books. A young woman, living alone in the tiaga, whose life is changing the world we live in, for the better.

My Silhouette platinum eye frames fractured this month. These new frames weigh less than a paper clip and are the most comfortable frames I've ever had. The fracture occurred where the frame is attached to the glass. There are no hinges, the metal simply bends, so the major stress is at that point. Over time, from repetitive bending the metal gets brittle and eventually will break off. A couple of hours and $75 later, my eye frames were whole once more.

Each Friday I promised to work on my library, but one Friday I also decided also to build out the pantry shelves for Del. I calculated that I had enough materials to do the job and planned it out in my head how I would do it. So while Del and Noemi emptied the pantry's vertical section where the new shelves were to go and cleaned the area, I put on long pants and opened the garage. Began measuring and cutting the support boards and the shelving material. One board could come all the way to left edge and I put it on the top. Del went out for white contact paper to cover the boards and by the end of the day, all the pantry had be re-organized and everything was easier to see and get to. Found an unopened jar of Peter Pan Peanut Butter which we discarded. Had not expired its shelf life, but was part of the suspect batch. Could not see it on the shelf the way everything was jammed in before. That is now solved with the new shelves and the extra space. We now have extra space in our library and in our pantry.

One day I finished my Book 2 review and Del copy-edited it. She said that the universe needs a review of the Little Prince by me and requested that I write one. I agree and will schedule it for September. In addition I found a short 26-page book written by a children's book author, M. Brooke Goffstein, called "My Editor." Since Del is the closest thing I have to an editor, I asked her to read the short book and I wrote a review for this month. I have moved several books from the Unread shelves to the To Be Read shelves already during my clean up of the Hallway Library.

We invited my daughter, Maureen, and her husband, Steve, for his birthday, to Houston's Restaurant in Metairie for lunch one Sunday. After lunch we went over to Marcie House and played two games of Pay Me! In the first game all the cards kept coming my way. In the Queen round I had a Pay Me! by breaking up a set of 5 Kings to discard one King to win. In the King round, I made a Pay Me! as the first person playing and even discarded a WILD CARD KING because I could make it without the KING and didn't even notice I was discarding a Wild Card. Maureen used the King to reduce her hold cards. I won the low hand for the game in amazing fashion. On the next game all my luck turned off and by the end of the second game, I was exactly even for the day.

On the last Sunday of the month, we drove to Mandeville where our son Stoney treated us to lunch at a local Mexican Restaurant. Del and I enjoyed the visit with Stoney, Sue, and Sam. Sam is going to the school he wants to go to, but may have to stay out a year from football and baseball because he switched schools. This happened after his parents were assured by authorities that his transferring would not interfere with his sports eligibility. Apparently those authorities were speaking without authority. Luckily this year is Sam's freshman year and he will be able to practice with the team even though he won't be able to play. Del and I enjoyed the long trip across the 24 mile bridge to the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain and back because it gave us a chance to follow Harry and Hermione to his birthplace in search of Gryffinder's sword. An eerie and frightful episode, a close call for them both, made without their close friend, Ron, who had earlier left him and Hermione to return home.

We came home and made our annual trip to Sam's Club, the discount warehouse to stock up on our bulk items, Olive Oil, Irish Spring, Parboiled Rice, Cascade, Butter, etc. And, as a bonus, I got myself a golden Saints T-shirt to wear for the new season. That's it from out our way for another month. Till next month, God Willing, and the river don't rise, have a great September out your way! ! !


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  • Multi-Touch Computing — coming to a coffee table near you. Check it out! "Minority Report" Technology for the Home.
  • NEW QUOTE Added:
    Of those men who have overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious court to the people, commencing demagogues and ending tyrants.
    — Alexander Hamilton

    Something rather odd happened the other day. If you go to NASA’s Web site and look at the ‘U.S. surface air temperature’ rankings for the lower 48 states, you might notice that something has changed. Then again, you might not. They’re not issuing any press releases about it. But they have quietly revised their All-Time Hit Parade for U.S. temperatures. The ‘hottest year on record’ is no longer 1998, but 1934. Another alleged swelterer, the year 2001, has now dropped out of the Top 10 altogether, and most of the rest of the 21st century—2000, 2002, 2003, 2004—plummeted even lower down the Hot 100. In fact, every supposedly hot year from the Nineties and this decade has had its temperature rating reduced. Four of America’s Top 10 hottest years turn out to be from the 1930s, that notorious decade when we all drove around in huge SUVs with the air-conditioning on full-blast. If climate change is, as Al Gore says, the most important issue anyone’s ever faced in the history of anything ever, then Franklin Roosevelt didn’t have a word to say about it. And yet we survived.
    — Mark Steyn

  • Tidbit of Humor added: Southwest and other Airlines In-Flight Humor — Cabin Announcements this month:
    All too rarely, airline attendants and pilots make an effort to make the in-flight safety lecture and other announcements a bit more entertaining. Here is one of the selection of intentional and unintentional humor in the new Tidbit of Humor:

    16. A flight attendant's comment on a less than perfect landing: "We ask you to please remain seated as Captain Kangaroo bounces us to the terminal."
  • Several new Blonde Tidbits of Humor added this month
    Many thanks to Cynthia Waters for suggesting these along.

    == == == Here's a sample == == ==

          A highway patrolman pulled alongside a speeding car on the freeway. Glancing at the car, he was astounded to see that the blonde behind the wheel was knitting!
          Realizing that she was oblivious to his flashing lights and siren, the trooper cranked down his window, turned on his bullhorn and yelled, "PULL OVER!"
          "NO!" the blonde yelled back, "IT'S A SCARF!"

  • Also see Story about Three Blondes Applying for FBI job and a Redhead in Intense Pain at the Doctor's Office, all Added to Blondes this month.
  • UPDATED DIGESTS: In the table below are newly updated versions of Digests already published on-line. In the Archived Digests List, the updated months will appear in BOLD GREEN. I have added more photos from the month of each Digest where space permits, so take a new look at these upgraded Archived Digests.

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          Digest #34.   March, 2003
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    • New Stuff found on the Internet:
    • Praise for a Good Mountain Press review posted by jmd on 16-11-2003, 20:59:
      Reviewing a series of lectures by Rudolf Steiner titled True and False Paths in Spiritual Investigation, it reminded me in so many ways of the dichotomy between what is at times referred to as faith and reason (as a friend also reminded me), and of how this materialism versus spiritualism also finds its reconcialiation as the two become appropriately internalised and equally valued. Reflecting on this, an internet search yielded this wonderful ( opening paragraph:
      There are two false paths: the path of materialism and the path of spiritualism. In the former, the material world is considered to be the only reality and all else is illusion; in the latter the spiritual world is considered to be the only reality and all else is illusion. Each of these approaches to reality is like a chariot driver powering his chariot with only one horse. The materialist driver places one horse on the left and moves in counter-clockwise circles. The spiritualist driver places one horse on the right and moves in clockwise circles. Each one is like a dog chasing its own tail. They use up a lot of energy to stay in the same place and make no progress. Only if humanity harnesses two horses to its chariot will any progress be made straight away. The two horses are materialistic investigation and spiritual investigation — harnessed in the right way, these two will move forward the chariot of humankind into a future that is worth having.


    Movies we watched this past month:

    Notes about our movies: Many of the movies we watch are foreign movies with subtitles. After years of watching movies in foreign languages, Arabic, French, Swedish, German, British English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and many other languages, sometimes two or three languages in the same movie, the subtitles have disappeared for us. If the movie is dubbed in English we go for the subtitles instead because we enjoy the live action and sounds of the real voices so much more than the dubbed. If you wonder where we get all these foreign movies from, the answer is simple: NetFlix. For a fixed price a month they mail us DVD movies from our on-line Queue, we watch them, pop them into a pre-paid mailer, and the postman effectively replaces all our gas-consuming and time-consuming trips to Blockbuster. To sign up for NetFlix, simply go to and start adding all your requests for movies into your personal queue. If you've seen some in these movie blurbs, simply copy the name, click open your queue, and paste the name in the Search box on NetFlix and Select Add. Buy some popcorn and you're ready to Go to the Movies, 21st Century Style. You get to see your movies as the Director created them — NOT-edited for TV, in full-screen width, your own choice of subtitles, and all of the original dialogue.
    P. S. Look for HD/DVD format movies which are now available from NetFlix.
    Hits (Watch as soon as you can. A Don't Miss Hit is one you might otherwise ignore.):
    “Legend of 1900" (1998) 1900 is a piano player, not a date, in fact he never had a date in his life, born, raised, and never left a passenger ship where he played the piano. Tim Roth bleeds over the piano-keys as he plays in lighting-fast original compositions. After one of those he lights a cigarette by holding it to the strings and places it in Jelly Roll Martin’s mouth to accentuate 1900's win in the piano duel with Mr. Big Ego. Watch this amazing movie and learn how 1900 converts the feelings he gets from watching people into music in real-time. A DON’T MISS HIT ! ! ! ! !
    “The Greatest Game Ever Played” (2005) refers to one game of golf in 1913 US Open which was won by an amateur and former caddy, Francis Ouimet, who beat the greatest golfers from Britain after all the other US Pros and amateurs had been eliminated. This is a riveting tale that is about human values versus societal values and the triumph of the human will against all comers. A DON’T MISS HIT ! ! ! ! !
    “The Shooter” (2007) Mark Wahlberg stars in this story of a skilled sniper who is called back for a special duty, hunting for a sniper and ends up becoming the hunted, and then the hunter. Gripping story till the very end. A Jason Bourne story with an easier pace. A DON’T MISS HIT! ! HD/DVD FORMAT
    “Copying Beethoven” (2006) in which Ed Harris plays the Beast, Ludwig himself. A young female copyist is sent to convert his scribblings into printable scores and the relationship between them becomes valuable to both of them. Time centers on the last days before the first performance of his 9th Symphony. The music is the hero of this amazing piece of choreography between the deaf conductor, his copyist, his publisher, and his public. If you hate classical music, watch this and be prepared to love it. A DON’T MISS HIT !!!!!! “After the Wedding” (2007) is when the drama begins. Jacob returns to his native Denmark to ask for a donation to save his failing orphanage in India. The donor invites him to his daughter’s wedding, only his daughter happens to be really Jacob’s daughter, one he did not know exist. A DON’T MISS HIT ! ! !
    “The Bourne Ultimatum” (2007) Jason seeks to uncover his dark roots, but the CIA Director and Deputy Director has even darker roots to cover up and Jason is in the way. Car crashes, rooftop chases, battle in the bathroom, and the “You’re looking a bit tired, Pam” phone call. The usual unusual stuff to make for this Hit Man another Hit.
    “Opal Dream” (2006) in rural Australia, men who dig in holes like rats looking for opals are called “rats” if they do it immorally on another’s claim. When Kellyanne, a 9-yr-old girl loses her two playmates, Pobby and Dingan, she has her dad Rex go out at night to look for them at his mine. During his search, he encroaches on his neighbor’s claim, who brings charges on him. How can Rex defend himself by claiming he was looking for his daughter’s imaginary playmates. Thereupon hangs an imaginary tale that will warm your heart. A DON’T MISS HIT!
    “Fur — An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus” (2006) An extraordinary portrait of an extraordinary photographer.
    “Lucie Aubrac” (na) During 1944 in Paris a woman’s husband is picked by Nazis and scheduled to be executed for being a terrorist. This is the story of how she managed during this time, always hoping to get him freed.
    “Life According to Muriel” (1997) Muriel is a ten-year-old girl traveling with her mother in the mountains of Argentina when their car and all their possessions rolls down a cliff into a lake. They beg for lodging with a local family who also lacks a father. The song plays, “When is Daddy coming home?” in the background as these two women strive to survive.
    “The Healer” (2002) A mother of twins takes her kids and moves to her father’s home when she catches her husband in bed with another woman. Boy of the twins gets sick with tumor. She and husband get back together. She finds a healer who heals boy. She goes to bed with the healer and the boy gets sick again and gets his parents back together again. An amazing look at a Russian healer who pressed his hands against trees.
    “What Dreams May Come” (1998) Had been wanting to watch this one again and the HD/DVD format just out made it irresistible. The colors and scenes in this movie are so fantastic. Robin Williams lives after death in a dream world made of living paint colors. Max von Sydow as the Tracker leads Robin to find his beloved wife who committed suicide and is unreachable because of her deep despair. Anyone contemplating suicide should view this movie and it may disabuse them of any notion that it is a noble end to one’s life. A DON’T MISS HIT ! ! ! HD/DVD Format
    “Bread and Tulips” (2000) Think “Shirley Valentine goes to Venice.” This gal misses her tour bus during a rest stop and hitchhikes, ending up in Venice instead of her home town. She misses her train the next day, gets a job, and begins to bloom — and that’s a one-way trip.
    “Everybody Says I Love You” (2nd viewing, 1996) A smash hit for Woody Allen with each of the actors, Julia Roberts, Ed Norton, Goldie Hawn, Alan Alda, Tim Roth, and even Woody singing their own songs. Funny, poignant, uplifting, and insightful. A DON’T MISS HIT! See digest28 for 1st viewing.
    “Sweet Land” (2005) An elegy to German immigrants to Minnesota in the years following the Great War in 1920. Inge arrives with all her earthly possessions including a large phonograph and two suitcases only to find that the locals think she’s a demonizing German and probably a spy. She is unable to wed the man who invited her, thrown out of the church, and forced to sleep in a bed full of children of all sizes. Yet, she survives and becomes an American.
    “Dangerous Beauty” (1998) Veronica Franco, reluctant courtesan to the prominent men of Venice is accused of being a witch by the Inquisition — can telling the truth set her free? You will see a resemblance of Venice to New Orleans that you may have missed before. A DON’T MISS HIT !!!
    “High School Musical” (2006) is a new generation “Grease” with new music, actors who seem to be school age kids, and the tension here is between the jocks and the brains who strive to find common ground on the musical stage. Great music, upbeat dance rhythms, and an uplifting story line.
    “Shakespeare in Love” (1998) Undaunted by the theater owner who wanted a comedy with “love and a bit with a dog”, Will falls in love with a woman who subs at the last moment for Juliet. Look for enactment of idiomatic expressions of today: “holding his feet to the fire” and “cooling his heels”. A DON’T MISS HIT ! ! !
    “Saving Grace” (2000) is what the locals in a small seacoast town in England go about doing for Grace whose philandering husband died and left her with a huge debt and a mortgaged mansion. She lets no grass grow under her feet, only in her greenhouse. And goes about restoring her life with the help of Craig Ferguson. Funny, touching, and uplifting, a natural high.

    Misses (Avoid At All Costs): We attempted to watch these this month, but didn't make it all the way through on most of them. Awhile back when three AAAC horrors hit us in one night, I decided to add a sub-category to "Avoid at All Costs", namely, A DVD STOMPER. These are movies so bad, you don't want anyone else to get stuck watching them, so you want to stomp on the disks. That way, if everyone else who gets burnt by the movie does the same, soon no copies of the awful movie will be extant and the world will be better off.

    “Eragon” (2006) this dragon fantasy barely reached my low expectations for it. Kid stuff, poorly written, and a waste of John Malkovich’s talents as the supremely bad guy.
    “Red Dwarf” (1988) should bring back the time-honored Aussie sport of Dwarf-Tossing — into the rubbish bin! Not worthy of wasting time tromping on the DVD STOMPER! ! !
    “A Real Young Girl” (2001) who cannot seem to keep her panties up, things out of her orifices and the camera out of her bathroom. This is a sad sexploitation movie and should be stomped on a dirty bathroom floor. DVD STOMPER! ! !

    Your call on these — your taste in movies may differ, but I liked them:

    “Open Your Eyes” (1997) was a real eye opener, Penelope Cruz, starred in this Spanish precursor to “Vanilla Sky”. Identical plots, but a better movie with only one “Cruz” in it. Don't recall any other movie in which one actor plays the identical part in two different languages.
    “Apocalypto” (2006) With a name like a Harry Potter spell, Mel Gibson conjures up a vision of Mayan culture before the Spaniards arrived. A peaceful people except for the “Stone-builders” who kidnaped the men from villages for human sacrifice. Billy Bob Briggs would need a calculator to tot-up the number of “Heads Rolled”. Pre-civilization, bloody in tooth and claw. Makes what the Spanish did afterward look tame. Braveheart in Yucatan.
    “All Night Long” (1981) with Gene Hackman and Babs Streisand as the philanderer and philanderee. Gene gets demoted from front office to night manager of a pharmacy outlet at the same time his son, Dennis Quaid, is schtuping Babs. Trying to stop his son gets Gene accused of infidelity before he’s actually done anything. A hilarious look at leftover mores from the 1970s.
    “Playing by Heart” (1998) is full of Hollywood stars and Hollywood messages. Sean Connery and Gina Rowlands heads an all-star cast in this movie of trouble-plagued singles and couples who all come together in the end. “You are the tenant of my heart, often the rent is late, but I cannot bring myself to throw you out.” Gina says to Sean.
    < strong>“Russian Dolls” (2006) seems more about French gals and the writer who is servicing them serially and in parallel at times. Until Wendy catches him at a weak point in his life, “30 and alone.” A fun romp through Paris and St. Pete with a close-up of modern Russian life.
    “Lady Jane” (1986) a young Helena Bonham Carter plays Lady Jane Grey who ruled as Queen of England for nine days against her wishes and was summarily beheaded so Bloody Mary could marry her Spanish lover. A surprising love affair blooms in the mix of events.
    “Bad Santa” (2003) with Billy Bob Thornton at his seedy baddest as a Santa who robs the store who put up with his drunk, dirty-mouth foulness as Santa for two weeks. This is his annual gig, each year a new store, same elf, same attitude, same safe getaway. But this year an 8-yr-old fat boy gets under his unshaven skin and there’s a new ending. A movie about kids, but not for kids. Send them to “Happy Feet” or some other cartoon drivel while you laugh your way through this amazingly bad but good movie.
    “To the Lighthouse” (1983) was where the characters (including a young Ken Branagh) of this Virginia Woolf potboiler were always heading, but never quite got there. What they did get (and give us) was a close look at each other during the summers in the cottage on the beach.
    “Reservoir Dogs” (1992) Tarantino debuts his repertory company of Keitel, Buscemi, Roth, Madsen, Penn, himself, etal, in a tarantella of blood and bullets. Tim Roth bleeds over the warehouse floor in this one.
    “Fargo” (1996) I’d seen bits and pieces of this one over the years and it was time for a full viewing. Buscemi in another blood bath killing spree ala “Reservoir Dogs”, this time in the snow-covered killing fields of Minnesota. If you’ve missed it, it’s worth a watch.

    == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==
    == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==

    This story came to me from Jeff Parsons. THANKS, JEFF! ! !
    One night, after Boudreaux and Marie had retired for the night, Marie became aware that Boudreaux was touching her in a most unusual manner.

    He started by running his hand across her shoulders and the small of her back.

    He ran his hand over her breasts, touching them very lightly.

    Then, he proceeded to run his hand gently down her side, sliding his hand over her stomach, and then down the other side to a point below her waist.

    He continued on, gently feeling her hips, first one side and the the other. His hand ran further down the outside of her thighs.

    His gentle probing then started up the inside of her left thigh, stopped and the returned to do the same to her right thigh.

    By this time Marie was becoming aroused, and she squirmed a little to better position herself. Boudreaux stopped abruptly and rolled over to his side of the bed.

    "Mais, Cher, how come you're stopping?" she whispered sweetly.

    Boudreaux whispered back, "Cause I found de TV remote!"

    == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==
    5. RECIPE of the MONTH for September, 2007 from Bobby Jeaux’s Kitchen:

    (click links to see photo of ingredients, preparation steps)

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Strawberries Romanov

    Background on Strawberries Romanov:
    This is a lucious dessert which Del and I have enjoyed at La Madeleine's in the Riverbend area of Uptown New Orleans for many years. It is simple to make and delicious. Adds an elegant touch to any Sunday brunch when served in stemware.

    1 lb Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    Fresh Strawberries
    Powdered sugar

    Small amount of milk, cream or evaporated milk
    A couple of drops of Vanilla Extract

    Allow cream cheese to soften.

    Cooking Instructions
    Place in mixing bowl and whip until fluffy, incorportating powdered sugar to taste. Add a few drops of milk or cream if mixture is too stiff.

    Serving Suggestion
    Place fresh strawberries (de-stemmed) into graceful wine or brandy glassware and spoon the Romanov sauce on top of them.

    Other options
    Substitute Vanilla Extract with Almond Extract and top with chopped or flaked almonds.

    == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==
    6. POETRY by BOBBY from Rainbows & Shadows:
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

                 Mind's Fruit

    What tree grows the fruit that
    suddenly appears in mind's basket?

    Jane Roberts

    Think of a fruit.
    What fruit came to your mind?

    What came to my mind was the thought of "apple."
    Where did the thought of "apple" come from?

    Think of your friend,
           let's call him Joe,
           how does he know how to respond
           to you differently than to other folks?

    Joe does to you
           whatever the Joe part inside of you
           does to you when you think of Joe.

    Joe does whatever that part does inside of you
           because that's where Joe gets the idea
           of what to do, from.

    Thus are individuals' minds connected
    into the multi-dimensional plenum we call God.

    Thoughts are like dishes at a banquet,
    served up to you by a friend.

    == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==
    7. REVIEWS and ARTICLES for September:
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    And for my Good Readers, here’s the new reviews and articles for this month. The ARJ2 ones are new additions to the top of A Reader’s Journal, Volume 2, Chronological List, and the ART ones to A Reader’s Treasury.

    1.) ARJ2: Anastasia — Book 1 of The Ringing Cedars Series by Vladmir Megré

    When you read a truly innovative work, you find that it is difficult to fit it into some pre-canned category. A new work creates its own category. For example, was Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematica a work of mathematics or philosophy? Neither or both. It laid the basis for an entire new way of approaching our understanding of the physical world and laid the basis for our current technological progress of over 400 years. There was no category for his landmark work because it shaped new categories of thought that had not existed at the time of its publication. Anastasia is such a work. We have no way of categorizing it that will make sense for many years. John Woodsworth, the translator, discovered this right away.

    [page vii] Some of my friends and colleagues have asked: "What kind of book are you translating?" -- no doubt wondering whether they could look forward to reading a novel, a documentary account, an inspirational exegesis on the meaning of life, or even a volume of poetry.
           But even after completing the translation of Anastasia, I still do not have a definitive answer to give them. In fact, I am still asking myself the same question. My initial response was a rather crude summary of a gut level impression -- I would tell them: "Think of Star Trek meets the Bible."

    It is all of those things mentioned above, and even more. What it is not is revealing. It is not a book channeled through an individual like A Course in Miracles or a Seth Book. It is not a fictional account of a spiritual adventure as The Celestine Prophecy. It is not a fairy tale. It is not an epic by some apocryphal author. It is not a scholarly text.

    This book is simply written by a Russian entrepreneur, Vladmir Megré, as a chronicle of the time he spent with a young Russian woman, Anastasia, in a section of the Siberian taiga, a large forested area which stretches across Russia. This woman lived alone in a taiga glade, with no house, no cooking implements, used no fire, wore light clothes, and knew from personal experiences of solutions to the major problems of the world, and had already begun implementing some of them. This book is part of her plans for further implementation of her solutions to problems of disease, cruelty, and other ills that afflict humankind today. What is the ringing cedar? When the author first hears of it, an old man described it as an 500-year-old cedar about 130 feet high which was begging to be cut down. It had begun ringing and if no one cut it down in 3 years, it would burn itself up and be lost to humankind. It had been absorbing health-giving beams from the stars which it wanted to pass onto human beings.

    The explanation the old man gave for the healing power was that "God created the cedar to store cosmic energy." (Page 6) Only bright rays of light can travel into the cosmic reaches, he said, and they return to be collected by the old cedars for later release to human beings. The dark rays never make it off the surface of the Earth.

    Who can deny that humans seem to have as many malicious feelings as there are eruptions, earthquakes, wars, and the like? As to whether the two are intimately related, one should withhold judgment until one has read further of what the old man's grand-daughter was to reveal in the course of this series of books, which stands at nine volumes, up until now. Vladimir met her on his next trip to the taiga region and she introduced herself as Anastasia, and suggested he accompany her to the heart of the taiga about 16 miles inland. They were to walk together the entire distance. At one point Vladimir asked her how she could walk alone so far with no fear. She didn't answer him, but when he attempted to draw her close to him, he suddenly lost consciousness, and awoke to find her bending over him on the ground. All he remembered was an intense fear before he passed out. He got his answer in process, in a demonstration of how she protected herself non-violently.

    When they arrived at where Anastasia lived, she astounded him with her announcement. Vladimir was incredulous when he looked around at what she called home.

    [page 29] "Here we are at home!"
           I looked around. A neat little glade, dotted with flowers amidst a host of majestic cedars, but not a single structure to be seen. Not even a hut. In a word, nothing! Not even a primitive lean-to! But Anastasia was beside herself with joy. As though we had arrived at a most comfortable dwelling.

    How she lives makes Thoreau's tiny room at Walden Pond seem like a yuppie pad in comparison. She drinks the pure, living water from a small taiga lake, and squirrels bring her nuts to eat in their jaws when she is hungry.

    Her way of life is remarkable enough, but what she reveals about the "Seed as physician" in Chapter Eleven should make everyone come alert. In the USA where so much of our food is grown in areas completely disconnected from our homes, we rarely eat food whose seeds we have planted, up until now. The dachniks in Russia are leading the world in this area by growing so much of the food that they consume. I saw an estimate somewhere that over fifty percent of all vegetables consumed in Russia comes from dachnik gardens.

    Can one buy a sense of inner peace from the supermarket? Or produce which will cure diseases, stave off aging process, correct unhealthful habits, or increase one's mental abilities? And yet from reports of dachniks in Russia, they are finding all these things coming from the weekend garden work and food they eat back in the city which they grew in their dachas' gardens. Anastasia puts the matter plainly -- the plants will become your physician and pharmacist:

    Imagine if you were alive in the 1930s when "Gone With The Wind" and "The Wizard of Oz" were first written and you never bothered to read them. That is the way it is for all of our children today, they only know of these great classics because of watching the films made from them in 1939. Someday a film will be made of Anastasia's life and it will undoubtedly be as great a classic as these two movies. Will you wait for the movie to learn about Anastasia and her tremendous spirituality and suggestions for improving your life? Or will you be one of those who will be doubly graced by having immediately read the books her life inspired? The choice is yours. Click below on the review to get started in freedom and light.

    Read the Review at:

    2.) ARJ2: The Ringing Cedars of Russia Book 2 of The Ringing Cedars Series by Vladmir Megré

    This book contains what happened to Vladmir Megré after the events he portrayed in Book 1. He recalls two things that Anastasia predicted:

    [page 8] When I was in the taiga, Anastasia told me: "I shall make you a writer. You will write a book, and many people will read it. It will have a beneficial influence on the readers."
          You may remember me writing in Book 1 what she said two years earlier: "Artists will paint pictures, poets will write verse and they will make a movie about me. You will see all this and think of me...."

    All of these things and many more have become reality by the time Vladimir was writing down these thoughts. He visited an exhibition of paintings by Alexandra Saenko dedicated to Anastasia and Nature and he was amazed.

    [page 9] From the many pictures Anastasia looked out at me with her kindly eyes. And the scenes! I couldn't get over it — some of the pictures showed scenes from this second book, which hadn't been published yet. And there was this glowing sphere, sometimes appearing right next to Anastasia. Later I learnt that the artist painted not with a brush but with her fingertips. Most of the pictures had already been sold, but left hanging for the duration of the exhibit, since more and more people were coming to see them. The artist presented one of them to me as a gift, depicting Anastasia's mother and father. I couldn't take my eyes off her mother's face.
          Offers started coming in from various film studios about making an Anastasia movie. And this was now something I was already accepting as a matter of course.

    Plus he reported that there was already a Moscow Research center investigating Anastasia phenomena. Its conclusions reported on page 9 are included in my review of Book 1. The evidence that Anastasia is real and affecting lives all over the world is mounting up and even the author who experienced her directly is taken aback by how quickly this began to happen, and happen even before the book itself became available. If one compares Anastasia to Don Juan Mateus in Carlos Castaneda's books, one main difference is apparent. We heard of Don Juan only in the books and never knew if he were a real person or not.

    At one point Vladimir asked Anastasia, "Why did you rid me of my diseases?" She explained that unless he changed his life style, they will come back. Vladimir was still upset that she had rebuffed his business plan for her, so she explained how people might cure themselves of their diseases without the undesirable side-effects which accompanies others healing them.

    [page 25] "There are several main causes underlying the diseases of the human flesh, namely: harmful feelings, emotions, an artificial dietary regime — an unnatural meal schedule and food composition, the lack of short-term and long-term goals, and a misapprehension of one's essence and purpose in life. Positive emotions, a variety of plants and a reappraisal of one's essence and purpose in life — all these are capable not only of counteracting diseases but also of significantly enhancing one's physical and mental or emotional state.
          "As far as bringing back — under the conditions of your world Man's lost connection with plants, I have already told you about that. After Man has established a direct personal contact with these plants, it is much easier to make sense of everything else.
          "The Ray of Love, too, is capable of curing many diseases of one's fellow-Man and even prolonging his life by creating around him a Space of Love.
          "But Man himself, once he has managed to arouse positive emotions in himself, can use them to extinguish pain and cure the diseases of the flesh -- even the effects of poison."

    Vladimir wanted to know how "one can think good thoughts if one has a toothache or a stomachache." Anastasia mentions Guardian Angels as a solution, recalling what she said in Book 1 that people who fill their minds constantly with things and thoughts are beyond the help of even their own Guardian Angels. Vladimir asks her, "How does one get enough pure and clear moments to arouse positive healing emotions?" (Page 26) Her answer is clear and practical: treat others with genuine Love and in return, you'll receive exactly that.

    "Material things won't bring you love." That's something we've all heard over the years. Anastasia tells that to Vladimir in this way:

    [page 29] "Genuine Love, Vladimir, could not possibly be under the control of artificially created objects. Even if you owned all the objects in the world, you would not be able, just with their help, to gain access to the true Love of even one woman."

    He told her that his ship had done exactly that, it brought him the love of a woman. So she asked for details about what happened after he lured her aboard his large, luxurious ship. But why did Vladimir get drunk and end up sleeping alone in the cramped crew's quarters below deck? The truth was too painful for him to recall, so Anastasia told him what had happened. This is a story played out over and over again in soap operas and movies. It is a ploy still used today because men will go for the short term gain and remain mostly ignorant of the long-term consequences of using material goods (cars, boats, etc) to attract women to themselves, up until now.

    [page 30] "The moment came when you noticed a strange expression on the face of that beloved young woman of yours — a preoccupied smile. Intuitively, even subconsciously, you realized that she, your beloved, was thinking how happy she would be if only it were her own beloved that was sitting across from her in this bar, instead of Megré. Your precious girl was dreaming of someone else, someone she really liked. She fantasized that it was he, and not you, who was master of the ship. You were at the mercy of inert matter, to which you had tied your living feelings and aspirations, and were choking them to death."

    Later Anastasia explains how the unrequited love of Vladimir's crippled cherry tree reached her and brought her to Vladmir's ship and to him. The cherry tree he had tenderly planted, whose branches he kissed, and whose cherry he ate, reached out to return his love and found Anastasia. Here was Vladimir's bootstrap into discovering Anastasia, he performed an act of love to a living cherry tree, something Anastasia herself does in her daily life and it resonated with her and led her to find him on his ship.

    [page 35] "You mean to say," I queried, "that your relationship to me arose out of your desire to help the tree?"
          "My relationship to you, Vladimir, is simply that: my relationship. It is difficult to say who was helping whom here — the cherry tree me or I the tree. Everything in the Universe is interrelated. To perceive what is really going on in the Universe one need only look into one's self. But now, by your leave, I am giving an embodiment to this, to what the cherry tree desired. May I give you a kiss from the tree?"

    She kissed him. It was a tangible expression of the cherry tree's love for him returned by the Universe in the form of Anastasia. The full story of the cherry tree is itself worth the price of this book.

    Vladimir relates a long conversation he had with Anastasia's grandfather who visited him in Moscow. They covered many subjects in Chapter 26 and succeeding chapters, including the idea of a "Space of Love" which will be the title of the next book in the Ringing Cedars Series. Grandfather gave more details on the glade in which Anastasia lives and reading it made me think of the Space of Love into which my parents brought and raised me. Grandfather explained to Vladimir why he and his father walked away and left Anastasia alone as an infant in the glade after burying her parents.

    [page 148] "To Anastasia the little glade is literally a mother's womb. The glade is her living Motherland. Powerful and kind. And inextricably tied by a natural, living thread to the whole Universe. To the whole creation of the Grand Creator.
          "The little glade is her living Motherland. It came to her mother and her father. And from the One and Only, the Original Father. We could never be a substitute for it. That is why, after burying her parents, we walked away."

    What was your Space of Love, dear Reader? Ponder that a while as you click on the link below and read the entire review. Recall in detail where you were born and spent the first seven or so years of your life. Did you make contact with the Earth during that time?

    Perhaps by reading Anastasia you will grow to understand and appreciate the space of love you grew up in, and then you will re-create that space of love for your children by allowing them to come into contact with the Earth free of fears or worries so that growing up will infuse them with deep connections to Nature and to Love.

    Read the Review at:

    3.) ARJ2: My Editor by M. B. Goffstein

    How can I create a blurb of a 26-page book which averages 21 words a page? The blurb on the back of the hardcover book is almost as long as the book itself:

    [Rear Book Cover] My Editor will fascinate anyone who has ever wondered what really goes on between a writer and an editor. It re-creates the sometimes frustrating, sometimes rewarding dialogue that develops during the crucial stages of a book's evolution. And with unfailing humor, it offers the suggestion that behind every great writer there is a pretty good editor.

    Goffstein writes and illustrates children's books, and this book is written like a children's book, but about an adult subject. Using single geometric figures, such as a circle for herself, a triangle for her editor, and a rectangle for the editor's desk, she illustrates each page. Then she pens a short poem for each page.

    [page 2] I sit across
          from his desk,
          torn with love
          I can't express,

    The person sitting in front of the editor is not the writer, but someone who represents the writer. Someone all dressed up, prim, proper, and alert — not the writer who while working is usually disheveled in comfortable clothes wearing slippers, with the phone off the hook, deep in thought. Goffstein illustrates her neat self on the last page. We see a circle, her circle, filled with plaid markings and this descriptive text:

    [page 26] freshly showered,
          in a plaid shirt,
          trying to act

    This is why I chose for my photo of the author on the masthead of the review, a circle filled with plaid. Go ahead and read the entire review, it's only a few more circles and squares, and a divided triangle, among other things.

    Read the Review at:

    = == == == == == == == == == ==

    I hear often from my Good Readers that they have bought books after reading my book reviews. Keep reading, folks! As I like to remind you, to obtain more information on what's in these books, buy and read the books — for less information, read the reviews.

    == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    In this section I like to comment on events in the world, in my life, and in my readings which have come up during the month. These are things I might have shared with you in person, if we had had the opportunity to converse during the month. If we did, then you may recognize my words. If I say some things here which upset you, rest assured that you may skip over these for the very reason that I would likely have not brought up the subject to spoil our time together in person.

    1. Padre Filius Reads the New Orleans Times-Picayune this Month:

    Padre Filius, the cartoon character created by your intrepid editor and would-be cartoonist, will appear from time to time in this Section of the Digest to share us on some amusing or enlightening aspect of the world he observes during his peregrinations.

    This month the good Padre reads a Headline in the Jerusalem Post.

    2.Comments from Readers:
    • EMAIL from Winston:
      Winston Riley wrote: I've read some of your reviews and find your prolific reading to be amazing. I also share an interest in Steiner and will return now for your reviews to lead me to certain works by him.

    My Guestbook has been FUBAR for about a year and I didn't know it. Then I complained and a flood of entries came pouring out. Among them were about two dozen emails from students of Prof. Kevin Dann's class at SUNY in Plattsburgh, NY. Here are some of them. Each one began with the curious word "Pakwanonzian!!" When I took a bite out of a Reality Sandwich I found out that it is a Wonbanakiak greeting which means literally, "You look brand new to me!" To all the gracious readers who love-bombed my Guestbook, I offer a sincere and heartfelt Pakwanonzian!!!

    • EMAIL Jennifer:
      We had to check this out for a class. After reading what I had to I got interested and now I find myself reading more and more. This is so awesome!

      By the way... Pakwanonzian!

    • EMAIL from Ashlie:
      Pakwanonzian!! I loved your review on Rudolf Steiner's "The Destinies of Individuals and of Nations." The points about love and hate, evil as good out of place and remember the future it hums in the present were my favorite!
    • EMAIL from Danielle:
      I think you have really managed to make the works of Steiner come alive and really give people something to think about in regards to a more spiritual way of thinking. I skimmed through your review of The Guardian of the Threshold and I especially liked how you claimed what happenings in our life seem to be, to us, accidents, are actually actions planned out by our unconscious spirit for the best. It made me really think about my own life and the path that I have come down. Thank you for such insightful information!!
    • EMAIL from Timmy from Dr. Dann's wild safari:
      Comments: Pakwanonzian! although i have only seen a picture of you..still brand new to me... awesome page.. very inlightening..
    • EMAIL from Evan:
      Pakwanonzian! I thought that the portal of initiation was pretty interesting. thanks for writing about it so I could read it!
    • EMAIL from Brooke:
      I am a memeber of Kevin Dann's History 132 class. He gave us this link to do research on one of Rudolf Steiner's works. I read through the piece titled: The Karma of Untruthfulness. It was an interesting piece, and I enjoyed the thoughts of the spirtual aspects. Interesting and Informational site.
    • EMAIL from Sara:
      I just finished reading your review of "Self-Consciousness, GA# 23 by Rudolf Steiner The Spiritual Human Being." As one who has never read Steiner until recently, I find it fascinating that this man had so much clarity. Your review of Steiner's work makes it easier to understand what he is trying to impart to those with which he spoke. Thank you for the clarifications about human supersensory abilities.
    • EMAIL from Tim:
      What a fantastic site, good interesting information. Thanks for having this site, great job!
    • EMAIL from Dave about my review of Anastasia:
      Dear Bobby:
      What a great review! My firm desire is that all those who CAN and WILL make a difference in the upliftment of consciousness will not only read this, but will put it into "action." Good show! — and thanks for all you do!
      Blessings to you and Del,


    I have been doing some study of neuroscience with Prof. Robert Sapolsky of Stanford, and have found the process by which the gardener, the garden, and the soil are interconnected in an exquisite feedback loop.

    Plants have lots of transposable genetic events, what Barbara McClintock's work predicted ("jumping genes"). When you plant a seed it receives chemical information from your body which causes the internal genetic structure of the plant to modify itself in order to provide in the food you receive from the plant exactly what your body needs to be healthy. Professor Sapolsky has no clue, so far as I know, about the complete feedback loop which goes from gardener to seed to plant to produce to gardener, and how it creates health in people who garden and eat their own produce, but Anastasia knows it and speaks about it in Book 1 of the Ringing Cedars series in the chapter on "Seed as Physician". Luckily I was taking the course Biology and Human Behavior from Prof Sapolsky at the same time as reading and studying Anastasia. Yesterday I got it that science already knows how it's possible for the world to be such that plants will provide us everything we need to be healthy and free of all diseases, if we will only get out of the way — i. e. stop intefering with the exquisite feedback loop already in place between the gardener, the garden's plants, and the soil.

    How do we stop interfering? By planting and eating our own food as much as possible. The food we eat in restaurants or buy in groceries stores are often grown hundreds and thousands of miles away, in California or Chili or Argentina, and that long supply line ensures a break in the feedback loop from gardener and consumer of the food. When you plant the seed or the seedling, it receives chemical information from the moisture in your breath, the perspiration of your hands, among other things, and that information acts as a "stressor" on the plants and leads to the moving of sections of genes around so that they code for new proteins exactly designed to re-balance whatever incipient imbalances in one's body could lead to illness. Plants, in other words, can act as our personal physician if we allow them to by planting and eating food planted, nurtured, and harvested in local gardens.

    My grandfather, Clairville Pierre Matherne, worked as a barber for 60 years. Every time we went to visit him, he always took us outside to look at his garden. He lived in good health to the age of 82, and his wife, Belle, lived well up into her nineties. His son, Hilman, my dad, will celebrate his 90th birthday next month. He also had a garden when I was growing up, even in the postage stamp lot of our first home in the city of Westwego, and later for fifty years in a lot-size garden area next to his home in suburban Mimosa Park. It amazes that I chose so well the family that I came to be a part of for this lifetime. Both Hilman and Anette came from families with local gardens adjacent to their homes. Pierre Gabriel and Daisy Babin were my maternal grandparents and much of the produce we ate and canned came from their garden as I was growing up. I am also amazed that it took a lifetime of learning for me to come to understand the value of the world in which I grew up, especially the importance of growing and eating one's own food, something I did not understand or appreciate fully, up until now.


    The latest SteinerBooks Catalog arrived today delivered by my United States Postal Service postman. A break in the clouds overhead shines light upon beautiful of a field of yellow flowers receding to the distant mountains — this is the image on the front cover. On the rear cover is a closeup of what appears to be the side and base of a red tulip bloom. And at the book is a rectangle containing the address information with my name and address on it. Stamped carelessly in bright red are the words:

               RECEIVED WITHOUT

    Inside the front cover was a description of the latest volume of The Collected Works of Rudolf Steiner, "Becoming the Archangel Michael's Companion" which I may buy for my library. It is billed as Rudolf Steiner's Challenge to the Younger Generation, of which I consider myself to be a member.

    Inside the rear cover was a blurb for "The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily" — A Fairy Tale by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and information about Sturbridge College (for becoming a Waldorf Teacher) and The Barfield School for those who wish to ingrate academic research, meditative inquiry, and artistic exploration.

    To complete my description of what I received in my mailbox, it is necessary to describe the two gaping holes in the place where staples were placed to hold the contents of the catalog to its beautiful cover, which contents were clearly removed by some USPS automatic mail handling equipment which tore the cover off and sped it on its way, and tossed the contents on the floor to be thrown away.

    Any proprietary business, such UPS, DHL, FEDEX would have had an employee pick up the contents, re-attach it inside its cover and then speed it on its way. But the USPS is an agent of the Federal Bureaucracy and thus it operates OUTSIDE OF THE LAW of HUMAN DECENCY and MORALITY. Instead of a stamp apologizing for its mistake, I received a stamp expecting me to believe that the USPS received this catalog cover to be mailed WITHOUT ITS CONTENTS! ! ! ! What kind of fool am I if I believe that stamp? The evidence to the contrary is in my hands. The USPS charged full price for a delivering a catalog and then delivered only its cover!

    Once I loaned a couple of shirt studs to a friend and when he mailed it back the USPS machine had spit the two studs out the edge of the double envelope, and some caring USPS employee had taped up the end of the EMPTY ENVELOPE and sent it along to me. At least this time I got the beautiful cover.

    Does America deserve a proprietary Postal System to the replace the coercive agent of the Federal Bureaucracy which cannot get the simplest things right and when it makes a mistake, blames it on someone else? ! !

    5. Thomas Jefferson on Taxation of Incomes as DOUBLE TAXATION

    Quote in italics is from The Patriot Post for August 16, 2007, Founders' Quote Daily:

    For example. If the system be established on basis of Income, and his just proportion on that scale has been already drawn from every one, to step into the field of Consumption, and tax special articles in that, as broadcloth or homespun, wine or whiskey, a coach or a wagon, is doubly taxing the same article. For that portion of Income with which these articles are purchased, having already paid its tax as Income, to pay another tax on the thing it purchased, is paying twice for the same thing; it is an aggrievance on the citizens who use these articles in exoneration of those who do not, contrary to the most sacred of the duties of a government, to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens.
           — Thomas Jefferson (letter to Joseph Milligan, 6 April 1816)
    Reference: The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Memorial Edition, Lipscomb and Bergh, eds., vol. 14 (465)
    Jefferson made a very strong case against taxation of one's incomes. We are taxed on our incomes and then every item we buy is taxed in one way or another at a local, state, sometimes Federal level. Jefferson would be appalled to see what mischief the U. S. Constitution has been put to by those who forget it was a document intended to prevent those very abuses.

    There is some hope, however. Recently a wage earner won a case in court against the IRS by claiming he had no income because he exchanged his time at work for the wage he earned. Let the IRS dare to take this case to the Supreme Court, which would have to rule on the matter. We could suddenly find a more equitable form of taxation which does not require the current sham of "voluntary compliance" to a coercive IRS.

    6. The Advertiser, Lafayette Newspaper asked if Cajun is still cool.

    Read all the answers here. My answer is a little over halfway down the webpage page.

    Or you can read my answer here:

    You asked, "Is Cajun cool?"

    Mais, I don' t'ink so, me! Cajuns are hot!

    I liked it better being a Cajun when nobody outside of Louisiana knew what they were.

    Example in 1972 my California plate was CAJUN . Then when I moved to Massachusetts a year later, we got this plate there: CAJUNS

    And when we found a restaurant back then which had Cajun food, it was authentic Cajun food, not some skewed, over-spiced and mostly tasteless concoction as you find in nine out of ten Cajun dishes today.

    I grew up in SE Louisiana and my Babin grandmother did not prepare spicy foods. We only spiced up our boiled seafood and oyster sauce. Any spicy-ness on our gumbos came from the boiled seafood we used in it. That's how I cook still today, using only a capful of liquid crab boil to soak raw shrimp if I don't have time to boil them. [My recipes for Bobby Jeaux's Kitchen are at]

    What it means to be a Cajun today to me is that I enjoy the joie de vivre that my Cajun ancestors taught me. Enjoy food, family, and fun after my work is done, and do all with my full heart, mind, and soul.

    To me our Acadian heritage is just that: ACADIAN — not FRENCH per se.

    We can see it first of all in the Cajun language. It is NOT a dialect of FRENCH! Cajuns speak the 17th century language spoken in Brittany, a pure French, not a dialect, not a lesser French, not a bad French as some people, ignorant of the origin of Cajun French, might believe, up until now. If there is a mongrelized French, it is the language spoken today by the French people because the Parisian spoken French in the early 19th century was proclaimed by edict from Napoleon to be the language of France from that time forth. So Brittany farmers thereafter had descendants that spoke the French of Napoleon, but my Acadian ancestors living on the great peninsula of Acadia still spoke the pure French of original Brittany before Napoleon.

    And they still speak that French today, with the addition of many English words and phrases, of course.

    Be Proud, Cajuns, of the pure French you speak and do not make apologies for speaking your native language.

    Secondly, it means that our French heritage skips everything that happened in France since the 17th century. All the events of the 18th century is a French-only heritage, not an Acadian heritage. This is another fine point that is lost on many people, especially some involved in CODOFIL. I see that organization's function in encouraging French speaking in Louisiana as valuable and useful. Whatever French language we learn, we will be able to speak with other French people around the world. But celebrating Quatorzes Juillet or Bastille Day which happened in the latter part of the 18th Century is NOT a part of Acadian Heritage and for my part, I could care less, AS A CAJUN, to celebrate that event. It brought freedom to French people, but also resulted in massive deaths by guillotine and led later to rule by a tyrant, the Emperor Napoleon. The National Anthem of France, the Marseilles, is thus, not the anthem of Cajuns, but of the French people who remained in France after the Brittany potato farmers migrated to Acadia in peace.

    As an American I thank the French for their help in the Revolutionary war. But I am most proud to be part of my peace-loving folk who find war-like behavior obnoxious, something to be avoided unless one is forced into it at the point of a gun. Folk who would rather move elsewhere than live under tyranny.

    Be Proud, Cajuns, and imitate the peaceful nature of your Brittany ancestors who loved God, family, friends, and food above all things!

    Thanks for asking, — Bobby Matherne, Gretna

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