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Good Mountain Press Monthly Digest #28
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~~~ GOOD MOUNTAIN PRESS DIGEST #28 Published September 1, 2002 ~~~
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Quote for the Going Back to School Month of September:

The teacher has forgotten and the students will soon forget, that what they see conveys no information until they know beforehand what they are expected to see.
Peter Medawar (Philosopher)

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Archived Digests
Table of Contents

1. September's Violet-n-Joey Cartoon
2. Honored Readers for September
3. On a Personal Note
4. Cajun Story
6. Poem from Freedom on the Half Shell:"It Surely Is"
7. Reviews and Articles Added for September:

8. Information on Dolphin Novel:
9. Closing Notes - our mailing list, locating books, unsubscribing to Digest
10. Gratitude

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1. September Violet-n-Joey CARTOON:
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For newcomers to the Digest, we have created a webpage of all the Violet-n-Joey cartoons! Check it out at: Also note the rotating calendar and clock that follows just to the right of your mouse pointer as you scroll down the page. You'll also see the clock on the 404 Error page if you make a mistake typing a URL while on the website.

The Violet-n-Joey Cartoon page is been divided into two pages: one low-speed and one high-speed access. If you have Do NOT Have High-Speed Access, you may try this Link which will load much faster and will allow you to load one cartoon at a time. Use this one for High-Speed Access.

This month Violet and Joey learn about Human Potential, Not Pretending, and Dis Organization.

#1 "Human Potential" at

#2 "Not Pretending" at

#3 "Dis Organization" at

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Each month we take time to thank two of our good readers of Good Mountain Press Digest, books and reviews. Here's our two worthy Honored Readers for this month. One of their names will be in the TO: address line of your email Digest notification. Our Honored Readers for September are:

Paula Lucidi in Steiner98 Land

Leatrice Asher in ThinkDest Land

Congratulations, Paula and Leatrice!

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Out Our Way:

We get feedback from many of you that this is your "don't miss" place in the Digest, so we endeavor to make it fun and informative for you every month. This month I completed posting on-line my 20 reviews from 1987, 1988. These are reviews that were the very first I ever wrote. I wrote them in my morning ten minute "free writing" exercises the day after I had read the book. These were written usually during break time at what Del and I fondly called "Nuclear Prison" otherwise known as Waterford 3 Steam Electric Station where I was interred, er, interned for 14 long years. (My Cassel's Concise Dictionary tells me in a Usage Note: The verbs inter and intern should not be confused: inter means to bury and intern means to confine. Hey, it felt like a little of both to me. I felt like I was resurrected when I retired from that concrete mausoleum. The last day I drove to that place before I retired, August 1, 1995, as I walked out of my garage to look at the morning sky, I saw a beautiful full rainbow in the western sky. The rainbow followed me to Waterford 3. At one time it divided into two nested bows, then it disappeared when I reached the plant. Both Noah and I knew we were soon going to be docking in a new world.)

Anyway that helps explain how this beginning writer, back in 1988, happened to get Savannah's doctor in the "Prince of Tides" misnamed from Lowenstein to Lavenstein, as some anonymous miscreant pointed out to me and the world in my Guestbook last week. That scurrilous post has since been plunked into blissful oblivion in the bit basket. Some bashful people will do anything to avoid receiving expressions of gratitude from an author. Reminds me of the famous quote by Max Reger, as he responded to a savage review by Rudolph Louis in the Münchener Neueste Nachrichten, on 7 February 1906, "I am sitting in the smallest room of my house. I have your review before me. In a moment it will be behind me. Max" In most homes, even in the 21st Century, the smallest room is still the bathroom where the only place to sit is on the porcelain appliance, the toilet. If you haven't visited my Treasury of Famous and Interesting Quotes, you may check them out at: -- I add new ones every month. Here's the most recent addition:

We dance around in a ring and suppose,
The secret sits in the middle and knows.

Robert Frost (American Poet 1874 - 1963)

Note how Frost is paraphrasing poetically what the Austrian Philosopher, Rudolf Steiner, said many times:

"When knowledge stops, discussion begins."

In the process of publishing these neglected early reviews, I actually found one book, "The Forge and the Crucible" by Mircea Eliade, whose review I had never published, neither in book form nor on-line, up until now. In addition, I managed to locate on my Pread (Previously Read) shelf, "All the Happy Families" by Paul Bohannen, a book that I thought had been lost forever. Luckily neither of my book services had been able to locate a copy, or I would have already ordered a replacement copy. Speaking of a replacement copy, I filled out the last of the missing books from my ARJ1 collection, "The Book of Strangers" by Ian Dallas. I was able to add a much needed book cover to its on-line review. Each of the books I read, when I'm finished, I write a review and tape a printed copy of its review inside the rear cover and place it on my bookshelf. In the early days before I began this process, some of the books were loaned out and never returned. There were 26 missing books to my chagrin when I decided to begin this process and it's taken me ten years to add the missing books back to my collection of reviewed books. You can read the reviews for these by clicking on the book titles above or by using the links below:

One don't miss event is the big block party on Julia Street, the first Saturday of August, called White Linen Night. Everyone dresses in white and around dusk, from 6 to 9 pm at our sub-tropical latitude, walks up and down the street, stopping in to see the new art openings and enjoying local food and live music. Del and I met up with Ruth and Ted and enjoyed listening to the Basin Street Sheiks's Jug Band whose musicians are DJ's at WWOZ. Yes, they used a jug, a "gut bucket" (washtub with broomstick and cord for bass fiddle) and kazoo, among more traditional instruments to make music. The musicians had so much fun that it was fun just to be part of their experience, music or not.

Del's been busy helping her dad, Dick, 85, recover from a small stroke and minor heart attack by getting him to doctor's appointments and hospitals for tests. He's recovering nicely. Early in the month my younger brother, David, 56, went into the hospital and was found to have inoperable bone cancer that has spread throughout his body. He is having a brain tumor radiated with gamma rays to forestall any seizures, but no chemotherapy. His prognosis is about six months. Your prayers are requested for him and Barbara during this trying time. David, we love you. Meanwhile our dad, Buster, 85, had some problems, perhaps a small stroke (the doctors found nothing on the MRIs to indicate either blockage or a stroke), and he is a little shaky and is requiring some assistance at home for awhile. My brothers Steve and Paul, who live near Dad and Dave, have been almost running an ambulance service this month - on one day they were each headed in a different direction taking both David and Dad to their doctors. Thanks, Steve and Paul.

One of the benefits of working in my home is that I can keep the Fox News Channel on mute and catch any breaking news when I pass through the Screening Room. Never have to watch an evening news program. I was able to catch Charleston's Heston's speech announcing his diagnosis of the early stages of Alzheimer's Disease. In it he quoted a famous speech by Prospero in Shakespeare's The Tempest. I'd added that quote to my review of the book, Prospero's Island, which you can read at:

This month, while looking over the Visitors Log to my website, I was embarrassed to note that a partial review of "A Separate Reality" was pulling a lot of visitors. I made a point to write a complete review of that Carlos Castaneda book for "A Reader's Treasury" and ended up writingreviews for all of his first four don Juan books. You can read all four reviews by starting with "Teachings of Don Juan" and clicking forward at this link:

Here a little tongue twister that I wrote as marginalia in Psyclosis, on pages 104, 105, a book by Ralph Berger, that I pulled from my Previously Read shelves. [Date gylphed: Feb 7, 1985] When I do the ART review later, I'll have a chance to explain this ditty a little more. Till then, here it is: uncooked poetry.

It certainly would a grammarian saint perturb —
To verb a noun and noun a verb.
When I verb a noun, I verb the noun verb,
and when I noun a verb I verb the noun noun.
When I verb a verb, I verb the noun verb,
and when I noun a noun I verb the noun noun and noun the noun noun.

We made a grandkid trip to Baton Rouge this month to see Collin Michael Hatchett, our soon to be 2-yrs-old grandson of John and Kristin. He has lost his baby fat and is walking and talking up a storm. Luckily he'll have a baby brother or sister to keep him company in a year or so. On the way home Sunday morning we stopped for 10 am Mass at the Christ the King Chapel on the LSU campus. This was the chapel in which my first-born Maureen was Christened 40 years ago. We were in the new chapel, watching a new priest, Fr. Thom, say Mass and baptize three infants. He held the first baby over the large, overflowing baptismal font, and to my utter surprise, he dunked the baby completely under water! Never had I seen a full immersion baptism in a Catholic Church before. The parents dried off the baby and Fr. Thom proudly held up the baby and walked around the center of the circular church for all to see the new parishioner. Each of the three got the holy water dunking in turn. Used to be that infants got a spoonful of water poured over their heads. It's the new millennium, folks, and anything's possible.

In our Steiner study group, we had a birthday celebration of Margaret Runyon’s birthday, which she almost missed due to a flat tire. But the AAA showed up to replace broken valve stem and pump up her tire. She made it just in time to blow out candles and open presents.

This month I bought a new SONY DSC-S85 digital camera to replace my well-used Mavica. I've moved from floppy disk to memory stick technology. I think I wore out my PC's floppy disk loading up those 6 to 8 thousand photos I shot with the Mavica over the past several years. I gave the camera to my niece, David's grand-daughter, Mindy Matherne, who is a budding photographer at the precocious age of eight. At right is a photo she took of her younger brother and her grandfather, David.


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NOTE: For Internet Explorer Browsers, DIGESTWORLD is best viewed at 100% Zoom and the Window's width sized so that Digest Archives lines are single-spaced, just barely. Adjust Window width so that Mountains almost touch the Archive Numbers, especially if you find some Photos overlapping text.

PHOTO CAPTIONS (CURSOR FLYOVER ISSUE RESOLVED):If you have been enjoying the photos in DIGESTWORLD, but have wondered who or what you were looking at, you will now be able to hold your cursor still over the photo and the photo's description will appear. (Test on Butterfly-Crab Image at Right.) We spend a lot of time writing these photo captions and hope you will read them. All the Archived Issues have been updated to provide descriptions when your cursor rests for a second on a photo. Note that older Reviews have not been updated. If you haven't finished reading text when description disappears, move cursor away and back on photo to finish. We thank you for your patience and hope this pleases you.


Movies we watched this past month:

Notes about our movies: Many of the movies we watch are foreign movies with subtitles. After years of watching movies in foreign languages, Arabic, French, Swedish, German, British English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and many other languages, sometimes two or three languages in the same movie, the subtitles have disappeared for us. If the movie is dubbed in English we go for the subtitles instead because we enjoy the live action and sounds of the real voices so much more than the dubbed. If you wonder where we get all these foreign movies from, the answer is simple: NetFlix. For a fixed price a month they mail us DVD movies from our on-line Queue, we watch them, pop them into a pre-paid mailer, and the postman effectively replaces all our gas-consuming and time-consuming trips to Blockbuster. To sign up for NetFlix, simply go to and start adding all your requests for movies into your personal queue. If you've seen some in these movie blurbs, simply copy the name, click open your queue, and paste the name in the Search box on NetFlix and Select Add. Buy some popcorn and you're ready to Go to the Movies, 21st Century Style. You get to see your movies as the Director created them — NOT-edited for TV, in full-screen width, your own choice of subtitles, and all of the original dialogue.
P. S. Any rumors that Netflix doesn't deliver DVD's promptly is hogwash so far as I am concerned. Our new DVD's are delivered with a couple of days of the old ones being put out on my mailbox.
Hits (Watch as soon as you can. A Don't Miss Hit is one you might otherwise ignore.):
“Waking Life” Amazing Indie flick. Shot completely in digital video and then converted into a cartoon format. Walking and talking and waking up at many levels. Not for the brain dead.
“Shanghai Noon” A surprising hit! Del loved Jackie Chan’s character. Old West, not from the Indians viewpoint, but from the Chinaman’s viewpoint.
“U-571" What was the Enigma Machine and why was an American sub disguised as a German sub looking for it? Why was First Officer Tyler denied his promotion to a captain? What did he have left to learn? Could a crippled sub sink a fully operational battleship? Why are you reading these dumb questions when you could be watching the movie yourself and finding out the answers?
“Chain of Command” Would you vote for a woman for president? Would you trust her to stave off a nuclear attack of the USA in a high stakes poker game on the Hot Line with the head of a superpower? Here’s you chance to check out this scenario. A riveting movie, like in “Rosie the Riveter Becomes President.”
“I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” Who can forget the words of the song, “I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden.” Unfortunately the song came over after the movie as there was no sign of it. This DVD has a long commentary by post-Apollo 13 Kathleen Quinlan about her experience making this 1977 movie. It wears very well. Worth repeated viewings. A true classic.
“Everyone Says I Love you” What a great movie! Woody Allen, Al Alda, Goldie Hawn, Julia Roberts, Tim Roth, and Ed Norton all singing solo love songs in one movie. Okay, Drew Barrymore had a song to do, but she only lip-synched her song. The dance numbers are upbeat, fresh, and delightful to watch a second, third, and even more time.
“Mighty Aphrodite” Murray Abraham and Olympia Dukakis lead the Greek Chorus directing the sports reporter played by Woody and tries to keep him from making a mistake. A mistake. But the Greek Chorus sings Cole Porter songs and their exuberant dancing lets us know a happy ending is in the ofting. One, it turns out, with a delightful and poignant twist.

Misses (Avoid At All Costs): We attempted to watch these this month, but didn't make it all the way through on most of them. Awhile back when three AAAC horrors hit us in one night, I decided to add a sub-category to "Avoid at All Costs", namely, A DVD STOMPER. These are movies so bad, you don't want anyone else to get stuck watching them, so you want to stomp on the disks. That way, if everyone else who gets burnt by the movie does the same, soon no copies of the awful movie will be extant and the world will be better off.

“Monster’s Ball” beautiful scenes of Louisiana filled with ugly people. Yuck!
“Twelve Monkeys” movie, “Outbreak”, and several other movies with lugubrious virus themes — we tried to watch them and gave up. Don’t people have enough phobias already without Hollywood making money installing new ones?

Your call on these — Your taste in movies may differ, but I liked them:

“Full Moon In Blue Water” Fun flick from 1988 with Gene Hackman and Teri Garr. Young Jimmy played by actor who played investment broker on “Bull” on TBS later. Theme of movie might be “Don’t piss in the Blue Water.”
“Jimmy Zip” An interesting film about a young man who left home to find his way in the world. Instead of hitching a freight to the West, he rode his bicycle to the West Side so thugs could beat him up and drug dealers could hire him. His friendship with the Tourette black man was the best part of a sometimes lugubrious movie. Worth a watch.
“Summer of ‘42” Loved it first time out in 1971. Now a little dated. The shyness of the young man. Appropriate for 1942, but for 2002, I found myself wincing through the movie wishing it were over.

== == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==
== == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==

Boudreaux had been fishing in the bayou all day, and he ran out of his favorite bass bait, night crawlers. He was about ready to leave when he saw a snake with a frog in his mouth. He knew that those big bass liked frogs almost as much as night crawlers, so he hatched a plan to get that frog from the snake. The snake was a cottonmouth water moccasin, so he had to be real careful or he'd get bit. He crawled silently and was able to sneak up behind the snake and grab him behind the head.

That snake didn’t like that one bit. He began to squirm and wrapped itself around Boudreaux's arm trying to slip from Boudreaux’s grip, but Boudreaux had a real good grip on that snake’s head. Finally, Boudreaux pried the water moccasin’s mouth open, removed the frog and dropped it in his bait can.

Boudreaux knew that he couldn't let go of the snake or it would try to bite him, but he had a plan. He reached into the back pocket of his overalls and pulled out his pint of Jack Daniels. He poured a double shot into the snake’s mouth. Well, that snake's eyeballs rolled back in its head, and its body went limp. Then Boudreaux tossed the water moccasin back into the bayou, pulled the frog out of his bait bucket, placed it on his hook and went back to catch himself one more bass before the sun set.

A while later Boudreaux felt something tapping on his barefoot toe. When he looked down, there was the water moccasin, this time with two frogs in his mouth.

== == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Cleaned up the Matherne's Rules page, adding links back and forth to stories behind each rule. Added two new rules, #37 and #38 which have a little explanation with each one. I will endeavor to add explanations for the rest of the rules in the coming weeks. The main link is:

Actual Doctor Reports including the Kentucky Jelly story added to Tidbits. Also you may want to check the Actual lines from Military Performance Appraisals, like: "Got into the gene pool while the lifeguard wasn't watching." or Sentences from Real Resumes and Cover Letters like: "Reason for leaving last job: maturity leave." Link is:

Our main Review Table of Contents Page has a new, cleaner background and a new color photo of Rudolf Steiner, used with the gracious permission of the Anthroposophic Press. This new photo will grace the upper corner of our Steiner reviews from now on. Also the Steiner Guide has been cleaned up and reduced in size from 300 Kb to 250 Kb without deleting any of its precious content. If you're stuck on what a phrase means when you're reading the words of Rudolf Steiner, this is a resource that's available to you. The links are:

== == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==
6. POETRY by BOBBY from Freedom on the Half Shell:
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

It Surely Is

"It's not that we're denying the requests,"
the radio announcer said,
And went on to explain exactly
how they were denying the requests.
It's not that we decry the use
of the expression, "It's not that" -
For most certainly we do depreciate
and discredit such a sly expression
Whose usage pretends to say the opposite
of what is really meant.

How refreshing it would be
if we could just once hear,
"Yes, we are denying the request
because we hold this other issue dear."

Till then remember this:
(No matter who the speaker is)
When you hear "It's not that,"
you can be sure it is.

== == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==
7. REVIEWS and ARTICLES for September:
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

And for my Good Readers, here’s the new reviews and articles for this month. The ARJ2 ones are new additions to the top of A Reader’s Journal, Volume 2, Chronological List, and the ART ones to A Reader’s Treasury.

1.) ARJ2: How Can Mankind Find the Christ Again? by Rudolf Steiner

What are the three antiquated forms that comprise the threefold shadow of that we inherited from the ancient Jews, Greeks, and Romans — the shadow forms which Christianity was born into? The Jews provided the soul, the Greeks the spirit, and the Romans the body into which Christianity was born. Given the perspective of 2,000 years, it is possible for us to view these three shadowy forms and their after-effects and to distinguish out of them “the completely unique character of the Christ Impulse.” This is the challenge Steiner gave his audience some 85 years ago during the Christmas season, and this challenge remains for each of us in our individual lives today. To read more about this topic, read the book. To read less, check out my review at:

Read the Review at:

2.) ARJ2: Bees by Rudolf Steiner

This book is a celebration of love. It is also a celebration of health. Love and health come together in the life of bees in a unique way. In keeping with my basic rule of teaching and learning that goes, "When learning a new subject, it's best to know all about it before you start," I have outlined for you in the first paragraph of this review what are the most important concepts I received from Steiner in these lectures. There are many more, and as this review proceeds, I elaborate on the above concepts and introduce some new ones. Be prepared to learn more about bees than you ever imagined possible. And about human nature and evolution. Of course, you could take your honey undiluted and read the book itself, but for the curious at heart, a honey of a “fast read” awaits you.

Read the Review at:

3.) ARJ2: Nutrition and Stimulants by Rudolf Steiner

Potato Eaters Beware! Avoid this book at all costs. You’ll find out why you love to eat potatoes, but what else you’ll find out won’t taste good. Here, have another bag of potato chips or maybe some McDonald’s fries. That will satisfy you better than reading this book. Especially avoid the simpler presentation that awaits you in my review

Read the Review at:

4.) ART: Conversations with Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda

This book is about taking drugs: peyote, jimson weed, and psychedelic mushrooms by Carlos during and between his conversations with don Juan Matus, the Yaqui shaman. Why drugs? Seems Carlos had a bit too much of the academic head for don Juan to teach him the things he asked to be taught. With these native medicinal plants, don Juan was able to shake Carlos’ intellectualized soul to its core and open room for a view of the booming, teeming world that existed outside of Carlos’ dead intellect, reasoning, and concepts. Strap on your seat belt before you crack open this book for the first time and take a good look around you — the world will look very different to you by the time you complete this book. First of the don Juan books. Best place to start your study is Carlos’ debut in the world of sorcery.

Read the Review at:

5.) ART: A Separate Reality by Carlos Castaneda

This book is about seeing — something don Juan can do and Carlos can’t. Not that Carlos cares about learning, but that makes no difference to his teacher don Juan. Carlos will learn or else, no holds barred. These Further Conversations with don Juan pick up where Book 1 left off and take Carlos into unfamiliar territory, but at least that manages to get him off of his academic maps long enough to learn something. Read the book and you might learn something as well. Or else, take the easy way out and only read the review so you, like Carlos would have willing done but for don Juan, can spend the rest of your life perfecting your faults.

Read the Review at:

6.) ART: Journey to Ixtlan by Carlos Castaneda

In this third don Juan book, Carlos tells his readers that drugs are not the way to becoming a man of power. He only needed them because he was so dense.

Actually Carlos seems to indicate he was so dense that he didn’t know he was so dense. To unlock this paradoxical box he found himself in, don Juan resorted to a magical key, drugs, and Carlos was now telling the drug-hooked youngsters of the 1970s and 80s that drugs were not really necessary for the things that mattered from now on:

      losing one’s self-importance,
      taking on death as one’s adviser,
      assuming responsibility for all of one’s actions,
      becoming a hunter,
      being inaccessible,
      disrupting the routines of one’s life,
      becoming accessible to power,
      taking on the mood of a warrior,
      fighting a battle for power,
      learning the gait of power,
      finding the ring of power.

Want to take the eponymous journey to Ixtlan with Carlos? Hop on board.

Read the Review at:

7.) ART: Tales of Power by Carlos Castaneda

In this fourth don Juan book, Carlos seeks the sorcerer’s explanation, learns about dreaming, and meets don Genaro and his double. With don Juan and don Genaro, each of which claims to have a double, Carlos is in double trouble most of this book. He’s ready to dive off the edge of the mesa by the end of the book.

Read the Review at:

8.) ART: The Evolution of Cooperation by Robert Axelrod

This is a ground-breaking book that begins with a simple premise,

      "When should a person cooperate?"

Axelrod asks for people to come up with simple algorithms or software programs that specify when cooperation is to occur in an interaction and when not. Not only that, but he specifies the exact rules of the interaction, something he calls the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma. And if that is not mind-boggling enough, he constructs a computer platform to allow the various submissions he receives (from experts all over the world) to play against each other to determine a winner!

The winner and the strategy may surprise you. The implications are far-reaching for freedom builders all over the world.

Read the Review at:

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