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Good Mountain Press Monthly Digest #18
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~~~~~~~~ In Memoriam: Carroll O'Connor, Actor at 76 ~~~~
~~~~~~~~ [ (Archie Bunker of "All in the Family") ] ~~~~~

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~~~ GOOD MOUNTAIN PRESS DIGEST #18 Published November 1, 2001 ~~~
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Quote for the Thanksgiving Month of November:

The problem is not that the churches are filled with empty pews, but that the pews are filled with empty people.
Charlie Shedd

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Archived Digests
Table of Contents

1. November's Violet-n-Joey Cartoon
2. Honored Readers for November
3. On a Personal Note
4. The Cajun Ten Commandments
5. Website Additions for November
6. Inaugural World-Wide Doyletics Conference, Oct 5-8 in New Orleans
7. Reviews and Articles Added for November:

8. Commentary on the World
9. Closing Notes - our mailing list, locating books, unsubscribing to Digest
10. Gratitude

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1. November Violet-n-Joey CARTOON:
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For newcomers to the Digest, we have created a webpage of all the Violet-n-Joey cartoons! Check it out at: Also note the rotating calendar and clock that follows just to the right of your mouse pointer as you scroll down the page. You'll also see the clock on the 404 Error page if you make a mistake typing a URL while on the website.

The Violet-n-Joey Cartoon page is been divided into two pages: one low-speed and one high-speed access. If you have Do NOT Have High-Speed Access, you may try this Link which will load much faster and will allow you to load one cartoon at a time. Use this one for High-Speed Access.

This month Violet discovers Cross Transactions and even more. Click BACK to return to the website after viewing a cartoon. (#1 and #2 are a pair, so I’m repeating #1 from last month.) I want to apologize for the quality of the reproduction of the cartoons. These were done over twenty years ago and these Xerox copies are my only source. I’m reluctant to do them over because they were done by a 38-yr-old me and have the processes of that me in every stroke. The good news is that in a couple of months the quality of the copies improve greatly, so hang in there and enjoy the authenticity.

#1 "Car Tune" at

#2 "Forget It" at

#3 "A Clear Case of Impatience" at

#4 "Meta Physics" at

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Each month we take time to thank two of our good readers of Good Mountain Press Digest, books and reviews. Here's our two worthy Honored Readers for this month. One of their names will be in the TO: address line of your email Digest notification. Our Honored Readers for November are:

Edward Reaugh Smith in Lubbock, Texas

Diane Mellinger in Vermont

Congratulations, Ed and Diane!

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Out Our Way:

This month was so busy, it barely left time to read any books, much review them, or write the Digest for November. We did take time out to celebrate Collin and Benjamin's first birthdays at their parties in Baton Rouge and Metairie. We also attended the long-awaited dedication of our new Holy Family Catholic Church in Lakewood West.

October started off with the inaugural World-Wide Doyletics Conference which I organized in New Orleans. Because of the events of 9-11, our overseas visitors had to cancel at the last minute. We still had attendees from California, New Jersey, Mississippi, and Florida as well as local attendees. Below is a photo of those attendees who came to the Sunday brunch. It was a very successful conference. People got to see live demonstrations of speed traces and to meet Doyle Henderson in person. Doyle drove all the way from California to get here in time for the conference, a prodigious feat for a 78-year-old.

If the doyletics conference took up the first two weeks of the month, our trip to New England took up the second two weeks of the month. We toured the fall colors in the Smoky Mountains, ate at the Burning Bush Restaurant in Gatlinburg (highly recommended), overnighted at Aunt Ruth's and Pat Moore's place in Wayneville, NC, watched grandson Sam play football in Baltimore, had lunch with Michaelmas Publisher, Pam Fenner, along the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts, and visited with Kevin Dann and Diane Mellinger in Woodstock, Vermont. Then we unwound the trip and headed home.

During the third two weeks (okay, the last two days), I wrote one A Reader's Journal review of Thoreau's Journal that I'd been reading bedside for six months and finished during the drive home. Before I left, I spent a couple of days writing five A Reader's Treasury reviews, and those are also available below.

Thank all of you who are subscribers to the Good Mtn Digest each month. For two days after I sent out a new Digest, I tremble each time I do a GET MAIL operation because invariably I lose two or three good Readers because they have changed their email address and have not notified me. Please do notify me when an address change comes up for you so we may continue to send you the Digest each month. And, if you enjoy reading the Digest, chances are that your friends will also, so while you're thinking of them, send them a copy of the Digest and suggest that they subscribe.

Till next month, may you have a glorious Happy Thanksgiving.


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CAJUN LORE: [Two items this month: You might be a Cajun if ... and the Cajun Ten Commandments. This first item came to me in an email from Denitsa. Thanks, Denitsa! The second may be found in its unpurified non-Cajun form in Deut 5:6-12]

You Might Be a Cajun if...

  • Watching "Wild Kingdom" inspires you to write a cookbook.
  • You won't eat a lobster because you think it's a crawfish on steroids.
  • You pass up a chance to meet the president to go to the Crawfish Festival in Breaux Bridge.
  • Your children's favorite bedtime story begins with, "First you make a roux..."
  • You're asked in school to name the four seasons and you reply, "Onions, celery, bell peppers, and parsley."
  • You let your black coffee cool and find it has jelled.
  • You describe a complete breakfast as some deer sausage, grits and three links of crawfish boudin.
  • None of your favorite vacation spots are north of Marksville.
  • You sit down to eat boiled crawfish and someone says, "Don't eat the dead ones" and you know what they mean.
  • You refer to a cold Louisiana day as "gumbo weather"
  • You give up Tabasco for Lent.
  • You learned bourré the hard way - holding yourself upright in the crib.
  • You don't know the real names of your close friends - only their nicknames like Pookie, T-man, Boogie, T-coon, Stick, T-chou, Purpy, etc, and these are just the guys.
  • You can look at a rice field and can tell how much gravy it'll take for that much rice.
  • Your high school's alma mater begins with, "Jambalaya, crawfish pie, filet gumbo..."
  • You stand up when they play "Jolie Blonde."
  • You consider Breaux Bridge the state capitol and the Crawfish Festival there a state holiday.
  • You baptize your out-of-town friends as Cajun by pouring Dixie Beer down their backs.
  • You know the Mason-Dixon line is just north of Bunkie at parish line of Avoyelles Parish.

THE CAJUN TEN COMMANDMENTS (unaltered original version found in Deut 5:6-12):

1. Jus' be one God in dat Heaven!
2. Don't be having no idols.
3. Don't be cussin' at nobody.
4. Brought yo-self to church when dey open da doors.
5. Listen to you ma-ma an' pa-pa.
6. Don't be killin' nobody.
7. Mais Sha, don't sleep wit' yo' brother's wife.
8. Don't go took nothin' from nobody.
9. Always told da whole trut'.
10. Don't go wishing for yo' neighbor's pirogue or t'ings.

== == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

At the World-Wide Doyletics Conference, Oct 6, I met a person who had a lifelong problem with sweating profusely. Just getting up in the morning and brushing their teeth was enough to have sweat rolling down their arms. At the conference, this person learned how to do a speed trace and now is free of the problem.

This is a condition known as "hyperhidrosis" and I've added a webpage to attract folks who have this problem and looking for help. If you know or meet anyone with this problem, recommend to them that they check out the website before they subject themselves to surgery for a problem that is, at its roots, a memory, and is amenable to correction by a simple speed trace to convert the body-sweating doylic memory into a non-sweating cognitive memory.

The webpage is:

== == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==
6. REPORT on the Inaugural World-Wide Doyletics Conference, Oct 5-7, in New Orleans
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

~~^~ All Peace Begins with Inner Peace ~^~~

In spite of last minute difficulties getting his 38-foot motorhome started, Doyle Henderson drove from his cabin in Big Bear, California to New Orleans in three days and attended the conference.

We were so glad to have friends from the three coasts: New Jersey, California and Pensacola's Gulf Coast. Our three friends from overseas had to cancel flight plans at the last minute and we sorely missed them. It was for them that the idea of sponsoring this conference first came to me. Rob, Yvan, and Sam - we'll have to do this again so you can be there.

The fourteen people who attended the conference each got something for themselves. After a brief discussion of the history, theory, and process of a speed trace, I led the group in a speed trace all together. Then we got volunteers to do a speed trace so the others in the room could watch them as the speed trace unfolded before their eyes. This was a big help to those who had never seen a speed trace demonstrated live before. Then we allowed each table to discuss what they saw, felt, heard during the demonstration.

Following that, each table was instructed to do individual speed traces with volunteers from the table. Questions that arose from that were answered by the group.

For lunch we had a classic New Orleans meal, red beans and rice, catered for us. It was a rich day, full of good learnings, good friends, and good food. The next day Sunday was a spectaclar jazz brunch at Midi, South of France, Restaurant in Le Meridien Hotel downtown. We had the upstairs room all to ourselves with a bird's eye view of the sumptious buffet spread out below and the sounding the live jazz trio rising through the open stairway. Nine of us were present for the brunch and the photo of us and a photo of the brunch is linked above.

== == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==
7. REVIEWS and ARTICLES for November:
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

And for my Good Readers, here’s the new reviews and articles for this month. The ARJ2 ones are new additions to the top of A Reader’s Journal, Volume 2, Chronological List, and the ART ones to A Reader’s Treasury.

1.) ARJ2: The Journal of Thoreau -- Volume 1, 1837 to 1847 by Henry David Thoreau

In his Journal of February 22, 1841 Thoreau wrote, “We must be at the helm at least once a day; we must feel the tiller-rope in our hands, and know that if we sail, we steer.” I read his journal each night before going to sleep and felt that at least once during the day I was sailing and steering.

For more reasons why you might wish to read Thoreau’s journal, read the review:

2.) ART: The Illusion of Technique
by William Barrett

Barrett wrote this book as a result of his reading side-by-side the books of two authors, one American, one Russian. Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago and B. F. Skinner's Beyond Freedom and Dignity.

To find out how this all worked out, read the review at: tiotart.htm

3.) ART: Better Eyesight Without Glasses by W. H. Bates

Dr. Bates made a big flap in the eyeglass business, claiming to have a process that allowed people to throw away their glasses by doing certain exercises and claiming that eyeglasses were like crutches and like those used by lame people, could be discarded upon correction of the problem. Made a lot of sense to me.

I did the exercises and they seemed to work. I had days of perfect vision without glasses, but I was also using hard contact lens at the time, and it may have been due to the effect of lens-shaping from the contact lens.

Read the Review at:

4.) ART: Recursive Techniques in Programming by D. W. Barron

This book is for software programmers and other human beings who must deal with self-reflexive actions in their work and lives.

For example: To solve the problem of computing the factorial of 3, all we have to do is to multiply 3 times the factorial of 2 which can be calculated by multiplying 2 times the factorial of 1. If you have recursive functions available, the simple solution is F(n) = n*F(n-1), and this will work for all positive values of the integer n. How are we to understand this?

[page 11] . . . if the whole program is represented by a single function, how is one to achieve any sort of repetition? The answer is, by using recursion; recursion is to functional programs what repetition is to command programs. For example, evaluating factorial (3) according to a recursive definition involves calculating factorial (2) which in turn involves calculating factorial (1), so that the repeated invoking of the definition achieves the desired repetition.
Fine. Made very little sense to me at first. I was raised programming with Do Loops where I would repeat the desired instructions n times. But in recursive programming, the looping is implied and thus not visible to the programmer. Plus you need to have a stack to store the intermediate results during the implied looping. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, when I went to the Foxboro Company, their Fortran compiler had recursion as an option, so I had to learn how to use that as a technique. It was quite a stretch for me, but came in handy many times. This book came into my library as a result of my need to learn to apply recursive programming techniques and to understand them.

Read the Review at:

5.) ART: Our Own Metaphor by Mary Catherine Bateson

This book is her report on a conference called by MC’s father Gregory Bateson in the summer of 1968 to address this question:

"Are the problems created by man's pursuit of his conscious purposes — problems that now threaten to destroy both the web of meaning in human life and the ecological web of meaning in human life and the ecological web of this planet — actually within the competence of man to solve?"

The answers were as complex and interesting as the participants and my review of their answers can be found at::

6.) ART: Sonnets from the Portuguese by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Sometimes the shortest books are the easiest to review; this was an exception. The book consists of her sonnets and they did not respond easily to the call, “Review This!” But, hey, I wrote one anyway.

Read it at:

= == == == == == == == == == ==

I hear often from my Good Readers that they have bought books after reading my book reviews. Keep reading, folks! As I like to remind you, to obtain more information on what's in these books, buy and read the books — for less information, read the reviews.

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= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The "The Spizznet File" is Available for Sale at long last!

Books may be ordered:



The book is also listed with the online booksellers:


You can also read a summary of the novel on my website at:

Two other sites you may wish to visit are:

For info about the Author:

To Buy the Book:

The book will eventually be available in E-book, hardback, or paperback form. There is also a Glassbooks version in the offing. You will be able to order a copy at B. Dalton, Walden, Barnes & Noble, Borders or, but it may take up to six months to get it into Books in Print. The best source in the meantime is to order your copies from the Xlibris website above.

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= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Thanks to all of you Good Readers for providing the Chemistry which has made this site a Glowing Success. — Especially those of you who have graciously allowed us to reprint your emails and show photos of you and by you on this website — you're looking good! As of June 1, 2019, it enters its 20th year of publication. The DIGESTWORLD Issues and the rest of the doyletics website pages have received over 21.6 MILLION VISITORS ! ! !

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