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    How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news.
Isaiah 52:7        Prepare to Enter a New World
~~^~~ The Doyletics Foundation ~~^~~

Science is to see what everyone else has seen but think what no one else has thought.
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Mission Statement:
To have the science of doyletics taught in the grade schools of the world in the 21st Century.
Children have doyles. They acquire them from the people around them, friends, adults, caregivers, relatives, and mostly parents. Children are feeling sponges: they quickly absorb the feelings of those around them and these feelings are immediately stored as doyles: physical body states which will remain with them for a lifetime, or less, if speed traced away.

Children cannot read and understand the doyletics website. They cannot learn to do a speed trace on their own. They have no friends who know how to do a speed trace, up until now. Their parents likely do not know how to help them remove onerous doyles, such as fear of thunder and lightning, big dogs, etc. In fact, they probably got those doyles from one of their parents, who still has that doyle. Their teachers, if they are trained, can help them to remove any doyles which show up in themselves or in their children in the classroom. They can also teach children to learn to do doyle traces on their own later on in life, in real-time, as they arise from life situations. Rightly understood, many of the things adults seek counselors for help have their origin in doylic memories of bad pre-five-year-old experiences which are easily traced and erased in seconds.

Our Mission

We endeavor to train teachers to help children during their early formative school years. All parents and caregivers can understand the power of doyletics in child-rearing.

NOTE: This Website is a FIRST-AID KIT.

This somewhat odd site contains IN ONE PLACE all the tools you need to do a Speed Trace and the scientific theory of how it works. Want to start fast? View the video and do a Speed Trace yourself. Want to learn about the various applications of the Speed Trace, dig through the FIRST AID KIT below.

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He has not learned the lesson of life who does not every day surmount a fear.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)


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All the tools you need for a simple Speed Trace
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A New Science for the 21st Century: doyletics

Is doyletics a true science or a pseudo-science?
Click Here to read and decide for yourself.

      Are you overweight? Are you in a deep funk? Are you unhappy with some area of your life? Stressed? Anxious? Depressed? Angry? Trouble sleeping? Feel down or upset by everyday occurrences? Plagued by chronic discomforts like migraines or tension-type headaches? Are you ready to encourage life to reveal something to you freely that you probably would have never discovered elsewhere? There is no charge for the information in this website. It sells nothing, but offers solutions which may be helpful to you. No need for a consultation, no drugs required, no radiation of your amygdala, no trips to a meeting, no CD's to buy, etc. — everything you need is available on-line here. You'll find a simple memory technique which you can learn in the privacy of your own home, which can bring you immediate and permanent relief. Are you full of questions about this website? Click Here! Already heard about the MOSTtm or the Speed Trace and want to get started? Click Here!
An Amazing Memory Technique Available at No Cost Whatsoever
      Use this simple 21st Century memory technique to eliminate unwanted physical body states without bother, cost, surgery, drugs, radiation, or psychotherapy — e-mediatelytm! This scientific material has been placed in the public domain by the Doyletics Foundation, a non-profit organization which is devoted to research into and dissemination of the science of doyletics to the people of the world.
Have You Read Everything and You Are Not Sure How to Start?
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Comfort is just a Trace Away!
      Are you looking for a way to lose excess weight, to relieve the pain and itching of shingles, remove the onerous physical body states of grief, remove a smoking addiction, fear of heights, fear of flying, anxiety attack, depression, or anger from your life without drugs or psychotherapy? Bothered by performance anxiety, tension-type headaches (TTH), migraines, allergies of any kind, asthma, bronchitis, hives, shingles, seasickness, hyperventilation, hyperhidrosis, , fibromyalgia, scoliosis, phantom limb pain, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, acrophobia, neurasthenia, or just plain old stress? Would you like to remove one or more of these problems without ingesting expensive drugs that have long lists of side affects? Want to help your children as well? Want a process that you can use on your own without outside help or cost?

Find Out how Relief is just a Trace Away!

      You've come to the right place. The Speed Trace is designed for you. As a Complementary and Alternative Medicine of the Mind-Body Intervention Type, it can be used individually without outside help. It offers you a way to remove discomforts from your life and to do so in the privacy of your home — with no cost to you except a few minutes of your time to learn to do a simple memory technique. This is a memory technique, not a therapy. Ready for some of this? Go directly to the Training Exercise to get started. To Contact Bobby Matherne, Principal Researcher in Doyletics, Click Here! (If that doesn't work, get Bobby's email address Here.)
The Doyletics Foundation, a non-profit organization, announces a cosmological discovery, one that affects every human being in many areas of life. The momentous discovery is of a primitive memory capability that parallels human cognitive memory capability, one that has been undiscovered, up until now! Cognitive memory is what we usually mean when we say, "I have a memory of an event." Doylic memory is the re-creation of a physical body state or doyle that one first had before five-years-old. "Of what use is this discovery?" When a lady asked Michael Faraday this question about his discovery of the connection between electricity and magnetism, he answered , "Of what use is a newborn baby?" To find out how useful this newly-discovered parallel memory capability can be in your life, read on. You'll soon discover in your own life the truth of what we like to say: WHEN IN DOUBT, TRACE IT OUT! With a little practice, it is quicker to do a Speed Trace than to ask someone this question, "Can this unpleasantness in my life be traced away?" Do a Speed Trace — if it goes away, the answer is yes.
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  • Seven Frequently Asked Questions about the www.doyletics.com website — Exactly what does it offer and why do I need it? Click Here. (traduction française)
  • Childhood of Humanity Essay See Footnote 9 to learn about the role of etheric and astral bodies in doyletics.
  • Learn why we say, "The emotions of Fear, Anxiety, and Anger are Endangered Species From Now On!"

This site is designed and maintained by Bobby Matherne, Principal Researcher in Doyletics.
All Material on this website is Copyright 2017 by 21st Century Education, Inc

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"Doyletics? Never heard of it!
Where did the name doyletics come from?"

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All the tools you need for a simple Speed Trace

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